WTCC 06/07/STCC/08 @ Zandvoort - Wednesday May 12th 2010

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Steven Hemmens

Sign me up please :)

Driver - Steve hemmens
Car - Seat toledo cupra

Yuri Braham


As you know The Netherlands is familiar for its large amount of Rainfall:
Today the ground at Zandvoort is saturated with water. Only a small amound of rainfall can flood the track.
The average temps are around the 8 degrees celcius.
You can expect some light rain during all the sesions. Be aware that even i don't know the amount of water that will stay on the track!
Have fun and be carefull at Zandvoort with the Rain. Give each other plenty of room to brake and accelerate in the wet !

Yuri Braham

Richard Trange,

I put you down to Reserve. Could you please answer my PM or question:
I reserved your spot till 17:00 GMT. If i don't get an answer before 17:00GMT your place will be given to a other driver.

Sign up format:
Driver: Richard Trange

Thanks you are in :good:
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