WSGT - GTR Evolution Beta


Why so many parts? Surely it could have been uploaded on another site so we don't have to use up so much time downloading it? Well, downloading anyways, looks promising...

Maybe Megaupload would do the trick?

Ross Balfour

#99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs
Graphics look very GTR2ish IMO. Mods to Evo should be up to scratch in graphics or else the grids just look silly. I think I'll give this one a miss.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
the whole mod is very GTR2 :) I was expecting something diffrent. I could have done without downloading a million tracks I already have too.


Günther this Mod is legal BsimRacing hve made a Beta Convert for GTR Evo.

WSGT-1 Mod Conversion files for GTR-EVO

To All serious modders and mod fans out there.
After spending huge amounts of time creating the WSGT1 mod for GTR2 in 2008, we sadly noticed that some individuals did not respect our request not to create cross platform conversions until further notice. We always had the idea to give out selected conversion permissions to a few modding crews who had the time and skill to inject our beloved mod into some extra platforms. After the appearance of the unauthorized conversions, not many teams where keen on taking up the hard work while such versions where available on the web. Sadly enough , we do not have the time to do an official conversion ourselves.
Therefore, we (RMT) have come up with the following.
From this time on, we will claim any unauthorized conversion.
Starting with the GTR-EVO convert.
The included file is the unauthorized conversion by someone who is not worth mentioning. After explicitly mailing the induviduals in question to stop all activities regarding our work, the convert work apparently went on. The product that has been spread , is sadly enough not a perfect job.
After numerous situations like this, we decided the following.
We will now spread the conversion (hard work already done by a not worth mentioning individual) ourselves,and grant permission to any person who is willing to make this convert into a finished product or wants to fix the existing problems or missing items, or part of it, regarding the GTR-Evo platform.
Regarding the following rules!!
*The original disclaimer of the WSGT1-GTR2 version has to be included with the files that are distributed by the modder. ( included in the file )
*The basic models of the WSGT cars may not be altered or edited in any way.
*Files can NOT be distributed as part of a third party mod.
*People who would like to work on the conversion will have to contact RMT before release of an update.We will grand permission and include the author of the work on the official credits page.
Racers Modding Team can be contacted using
* the content or part of the WSGT mod can not be used for any commercial purpose or project.

website. when in need of more info or some help, we will gladly send you the details to get a better communication going.

We hope to see a good conversion emerge on the GTR-EVO platform.
People who comply in full to the included set of rules can regard it as a automatic permission to have a go and continuing this conversion.

Racers Modding Team 2010


And somebody work for an RC?
On GTR2 is it one of the Best Mods, this Mod Must come to Evo.
And half of the work is done now only the nicety must be finished.
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