Cars WSC/90s Group C Cars: Toyota TS010, Jaguar XJR14


Please have a seat sir. The "it's done when it's done" police will be with you in a minute.
I'm not asking for a release date or what not just curious if there's anymore progress. I'll gladly wait as long as it'll take them as I know it'll be good with time! The "when it's done it's done" police better not be after me:laugh:
@The-IC I know that you don't want to release any car until it is fully complete, but I feel like some sort of beta release would be good for a number of reasons. I've heard that the car's physics are essentially complete, and the model looks great (from the last screenshot I think that any more detail will be unnoticeable to the untrained eye, especially once the car is moving), so it might be a great boost to yourself and @mclarenf1papa to see just how many people will enjoy these cars once they are released. I see this mod come up in conversation in forums all over the sim racing community, even in threads about other games like R3E, so I think that people are genuinely really excited to see some of these under represented cars (I, for one, check this page every day to see if there is any change). If you don't want to, it's your choice, but I feel like these cars (or at least the Toyota) are 99% complete and it would be a shame for them never to be released after coming so far.

If you need any help with anything, I'm always willing to betatest, and I'm sure you could find about a thousand other people willing to do so. <-shameless (but genuine) attempt to get my hands on the cars early


Well we got a first look at the Nissan NP35. Awesome! Is there any chance you could make one car avelaible after the other or will they come all together?


Just out of curiosity what made the NP35 less effort and time? Is it because there is more data easily accessible for it?
For one, because it was produced by different people (not related to this mod, as I said).

Secondly, Stereo and I decided to make it as a "oneweek" project (where we make a car that no one will particularly know/care about the accuracy of in a week) which later was turned into an April Fool's release. So in short, it's because we didn't try very hard.


Unrelated developments (the cars in this thread will involve quite a bit of effort - the NP35 didn't).
I have to say the nissan did look good in the showroom. And from what i have read in your past comments you sure do know about car perfomances and how to transfer that to the model so i am veeery curious about this cars that will eventually.. be released.
wow i have been waiting for this mod for.I don't know 6 month btw are there some progression im not beg for free mod just to see is still alive

edit:dont tell me ok sorry for posting this berfore i read all the forum convertation
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Andrew Harper

Hoping that this project is still being worked on occasionally and fingers crossed that we get to see it completed.

I know that work, real life gets in the way sometimes so no rush.

I was reading about the WSC '92 review and came across something that I'd completely forgotten about.

Sauber Mercedes developed a car for the 3.5l regulations but never race it, the C292.

It used a flat 12 engine which would have sounded incredible, and a rear wing from a bi-plane! lol

Would be really cool to sim-race a car that never saw the race track, It looked like it would have been quick but not on the level that Mercedes wanted so the project was cancelled.

Only an idea though, lets get the others finished first :)

Good luck with the project and hopefully we'll see it maybe before the end of the year if we are lucky.

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