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[WS] Interview with Stefan Kanitz

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Muhammed Patel, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. Muhammed Patel

    Muhammed Patel

    “AllStar Racings Stefan Kanitz’ thoughts after the podium finish at Spa”

    Q: “And Stefan, how was your race?”
    Stefan Kanitz:“Well, more or less as I expected to be honest. I thought there will be a few guys faster than me but that I could fight for the win was a surprise. The start went well, Cyril jumped or missed the start and I gained one position. Dimitri was on higher wings which made it easier to pass him on the straight. I had no problems in the first stint. The first problem arrived as Mattias made his pitstop. I was on a one stopper but to be competitive I needed to stop earlier and pasted a second one. Unfortunately I joined the track behind him which didn't make it easier for me. So i decided to make my second stop just 6 laps after the first one because i couldn't overtake Mattias. At the end a strategy was wrong. The whole race went smooth if there was enough engine power at the end [Smile] . Congrats to Mattias for a great race starting from P8 and to Dimitri for another Podium.“

    Q: “What happened near the end of the race, really close to Dimitri and Mattias, where you saving your engine in the last few laps – Any problems?”
    SK:“ As shortly written above there was an engine problem. I didn't have enough power in the last 10 laps to fight for the win and had to let Mattias pass. Earlier or later he would have overtaken me anyway. His advantage was that he could save the engine the whole race.“

    Q: “Do you think you will be able to win a race this season? – You have been in contention but haven’t been able to pull it off yet”
    SK:“Somehow it shouldn't be this season. But we have still a few races to go and I am sure I can fight for a win in one of this. It will be difficult as I am the only remaining Driver for AllStar apart from Michael. That makes it hard but not impossible.“
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