Wreckfest: Holiday Greatings and Seasonal Content Added

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Seeing as things have been a little quiet on the Wreckfest front of late, Bugbear Games have decided to push out some seasonal fun for this awesome little title...

With Christmas rapidly approaching we now have some snowy and festive themed fun available to enjoy within the Wreckfest title! Yes, if you are one of those people who immediately associate Christmas with snow, crushing gingerbread men in big agricultural machinery and generally smashing into your rivals whilst racing on snow - this is something you very much need to read..

To celebrate the imminent holiday period we have some new Wreckfest goodies to play with!

If you enjoy Wreckfest, check out our guest server host race this Saturday.

Before we get on to the goodies that come as part of the new update, Bugbear have some news about the console versions of the title that are continuing to be worked on over at Bugbear HQ:

As you know, for the last half of a year or so we've been hammering away and working like Santa's busy little helpers with the console versions of the game. And sure enough, our efforts are starting to pay off and the game is shaping up nicely with all the major obstacles now out of the way. Actually, just the other day we did have a very special guest to try out the PS4 version of the game to make sure we can meet the high expectations, knowing that this guy has really high standards – and while he was concentrating on wrecking, we managed to grab some sneaky footage:

While there has been a lot of work done on console-specific tasks, many of the improved and added features will also benefit the PC crowd. For example, the improved single-player and multiplayer performance is something that many of you folks will surely welcome warmly, not to mention new and exciting content. We've also used the opportunity to fine-tune many aspects of the game and fix some nagging issues based on the feedback we've received since the PC launch. While we're not quite ready to unleash the improved PC version of the game just yet due to many things being still worked on, we just couldn't leave you out all cold so yes, we have little something for you!

Back to the world of the PC version of Wreckfest, in time for the big day this December 25th the title has received some interesting new things to do.. namely we are now able to enjoy the game in snowy conditions! If that isn't enough to get you in the mood, Bugbear have also added Santa - driving a harvester... because, well I don't know why but I like it!

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To claim your gift and start ploughing in the snow, simply make sure the game is updated to the latest version via Steam, head to the Misc tab of the main menu and click on the "Mods" button... then activate a new mod called "Bugbear's Holiday Gift" that has magically appeared after updating the game, restart the game when asked and then just enjoy the winter wonderland!

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While we have your attention - we acknowledge our racing club has been a little bit hit and miss with Wreckest this year - and for that we can only apologize. However! We think that will very much change next year, and to give you a little "soft launch" into the club again, we are very pleased to share THIS LINK to a guest server on Saturday.. a little taste of Wreckfest fun until we get the time to formally announce a new staff member and a restarted racing club...

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Aug 18, 2015
Tested, awesome stuff :D Cars are harder to handle, it's clearly more slippery

Some info from Wreckfest Discord channel (JanneBB is a developer):

9:41 PM jannesBB: Like mentioned, we were really trying to update the PC build to the latest code base before the end of this year but at the end, doing that would have meant to put the console versions on hold while we work 100% on the PC build, and since that would have meant postponing the release even further we thought it's best not to do that.

jannesBBToday at 11:38 AM
Absolutely, our plan is to match the console versions to the PC version and not vice versa.

Purple44Today at 11:39 AM
well PC players will need to test new Wf to help debug game before final release to consoles?

jannesBBToday at 11:39 AM
Surely we will launch an update before the console launch, probably a number of.

Also new tracks and vehicles are coming (also developed for console release, but PC benefit from it too), at some point in 2019
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Jan 25, 2014
Its good to see Wreckfest is still alive.
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Sep 22, 2010
Wow the new mod is terrible. Like driving on ice, no feeling of the road! :thumbsdown::whistling:


May 21, 2010
Apologies gents, had a bit of a medical situation that was out of my hands. Hope you had fun, gutted :( love this game. Hopefully another? soon!


Sep 22, 2010
Apologies gents, had a bit of a medical situation that was out of my hands. Hope you had fun, gutted :( love this game. Hopefully another? soon!
No problem! Hopefully you are okay and could join us when the racing club returns to action next year :thumbsup:


Mar 6, 2016
video from the event mentioned in the article, unfortunately without snow mod :p