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WRC4 no ffb rumbling

Discussion in 'WRC 4 The Game' started by RacingJustForFun, May 6, 2015.

  1. RacingJustForFun



    I am Female and new to this gaming. I bought on Steam WRC4 and using it with a Thrustmaster F430 Force Feedback wheel.

    Unfortunately, other than other games, within WRC4 there is no ffb rumbling whatsoever, even though I put in the settings of the game FFB up to Maximum.

    Now I tried two things. I downloaded the official WRC4 Update which claims to also deal with FFB. Unfortunately Update does not install because it ALWAYS says that FOUND NO SOFTWARE and telling me to reinstall WRC4. So I delete it again, reinstall it on Steam again, let Steam test all the WRC4 files and then try Update file again - and again it claimes FOUND NO SOFTWARE. So it does not find the installed WRC4 even though IT IS in my steam library and the steam folder.

    2.) I downloaded this MESA STRONGER FFB files. But HOW TO USE THEM? In which folder should they be copied to? I copied them into my main WRC4 subfolder of steam, but nothing changed within WRC4 gaming, still no rumbling whatsoever.

    Are those MESA STRONGER FFB FILES just to copied into a folder? Or do one has to do something else, like tampering with any editors somewhere?

    Please help me out with my problem and please keep your answer in non-technical terms of language.

    My two concerns..
    1) why does official wrc4 update file cannot find correct installed wrc4 game location?
    2) how to install MESA STRONGER FFB files?

    Thanx in advance for your help!
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