WRC2 Liveries - Any chance of additions?

Rodger Davies

Apr 17, 2011
Hands up, I don't own the game and I'm not a fan of the Epic exclusivity thing. I'm not sure whether I will purchase, but the general reception and ongoing support patches are encouraging to me after years of these games basically being abandoned straight after launch. I'm really happy playing DR2 (can't wait for the Finland addition), so don't feel I need to buy WRC8, but could be tempted into giving it a go.

I'm also not sure where the developers read threads, seeing as there doesn't appear to be any forums on Epic or on their own website, so will just make my point here. The lack of obvious comms channels isn't endearing.

Anyway, my point: each year, the WRC game comes out midway through the year and has all the entries that have been in the series up to the point of the game's release. However, this inevitably means that competitors who enter events from after that point are never included in game. In particular, this year's Rally GB entry list is one of the highest quality for years, and Spain has some interesting entries too. The complete omission of the MkII Fiesta R5 is a real disappointment.

In summary, the point I'd like to make is that I'd like to see the following liveries/drivers added to the game and wondered if there's any chance of it happening this year, or if it will be left as an incomplete ode to the 2019 season, just as the previous titles have been.

There are plenty, but some particular standout entries:

- Haydon Paddon - Ford (only drove MkII, so I guess unlikely)
- Petter Solberg - VW (WRC2 winner in Wales)
- Oliver Solberg - VW
- Eric Camilli - Citroen
- Marijan Griebel / Fabian Kreim - Skoda (1st and 2nd in Germany)
- Dominik Dinkel / Jari Huttunen - Hyundai (an alternative livery for the i20)

I'm also confused as to why some top competitors from this class have been left out - does anyone know why Nikolay Gryazin (WRC2 winner in Finland) and Pierre Loubet (current WRC2 leader IRL) aren't in the Skoda options? Would be strange if it's "licencing" reasons in this game, as I assume those rights are handed over with the entry (but could well be wrong).

Sorry for the long post, just a mind-dump, but wasn't sure where best to put it.