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WRC 9 Mods

WRC9 WRC 9 Mods 1.0 update 8

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Is there any way we can get some sort of separate installer for just the surface/physics fixes? Or at least have the version check taken off the installer with a caveat that it's not guaranteed to work or something? I'd do it manually but without the installer making the game modifiable in the first place I don't know if it's possible to just manually overwrite the files bc all you can see is dummy.dat. I'm begging here, I just want to enjoy the last month and a bit until 10 as much as possible :cry:
Hello all!

I know, it's a little bit late but i share with you a new physics with a lot of modifications on:
- Engine Torque
- Suspensions setting
- Suspensions Forces
- Tires models (grip and slip ratio)
- Tires load (x, y and Z axis)
- Center of mass
- Torque on wheel is used now (it was set to 0 before)
- Sleep velocity is enable
and etc...

You have to keep in mind this:
- All your car settings shouldn't been use to avoid some inconsistencies. I recommand to start with the default one and applu your setting.
- Concerning the suspension, now if you choose a smooth suspension with low spring, your car will be lower than a hard suspension with the same spring. I mean, the weight of the car is taking in consideration whereas before it didn't do.
- On slow corner, you have to turn your wheeling more than before. I mean, the inertia is very different and if ou turn briefly your wheeling, the car will not turn as it should.

Below the link with the folder "Tuning". I recomand you to backup your tuning folder before past my folder.
Copy the new folder and replace yours (normally it should be install at \Games\WRC9\Common\)
Launch your game and let me know if this new physic is better than the default one.
For sure, it's the first version. i take a lot of time and i've learned a lot of things on physics.

I hope you will like it before swaping to WRC10 :)

Here the link: Physics Mod V1.0

Ced :)
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