WRC 8 Mods

WRC 8 Mods 6.0

No permission to download

Please read ALL info in the Read Me.txt before installing.

Small download size with custom Installer.
Bug reporting, Feedback, Requests welcome.

Mods and ReShade were made and tested using:
i7 6900K@4.2Ghz all cores, EVGA 1080Ti Hybrid
Thrustmaster TS-XW Sparco P310
Thrustmaster T3PA Pro with Ricmotech load cell
Aiologs Sim Shifter Sequential 2019
Aiologs Sim Handbrake 2019
Acer Predator X34

Run the game at 60Hz Standard V-Sync for the games physics engine to run correctly.
3440 x 1440 @ 60Hz With all mods on and all graphics set to highest the game runs at 60fps locked
Also, your monitor will make my ReShade presets look different to how I see them.
I drive with all assists off and manual gears.

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To be honest I'm interested about this mod, mostly about that camera options but I don't like that it isn't manual installation so what will happened when game gets updated ? In manual copy/paste installation it's easy to replace files before updates.
Is there any chance to get each mods separate from one another ?
I'm not sure if that's even possible, can you give me some answer please.
I'm not sure if that's even possible, can you give me some answer please.
Unfortunately nearly all of the games files are locked away by the game developer in large single files :thumbsdown:
The only way to mod them and offer them for download is to extract them, mod the files, and then repack all the files and offer it for download with a file size of 4 Gigabytes or more.

My installer is 8 megabytes :thumbsup:

My mods work differently and my installer hopefully makes it quick and easy for people to add my mods and their own mods to the game.

My installer will extract the needed files from the games archives and then adds in my mods and removes the games locked packages. The game will then run from the extracted files.

All the end user needs to do is make a backup of the original game and then run my installer. When there is a game update, simply copy the backup files back to the game folder, update the game and then apply the mods again.
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If people want I can make my installer do the backup for them automatically during installation.

And then when needed it can be used to fully restore then game back to its original state ready to perform an update, all automatically.

The only downside to this is that the initial installation and backup will then take over 20 mins to complete. v0.01 of my installer did this but i took it out in v1.0 because of the time it took.


Ok, thank you for explanation, really.
Yes I can make safe copies by myself, but there's just one thing...
I'm actually quite low with hd and I don't really want to copy all 23+G. :unsure:
Can you at least tell us which files are changed, so I can make copies of those only ?
Some kind of changelog you know... :)
I guess they are some of those huge CHUNK_ files but just which ones, not them all.
Can you at least tell us which files are changed, so I can make copies of those only ?
Common - Backup complete folder.
WIN32/PKG/CHUNK_0 - Backup complete folder.
WIN32/Engine - Backup complete folder.

Then install the mods.

And to restore the game back to standard delete:

Common - Whole contents


WIN32/Engine - Whole contents

And move the back up files back into the game folder.
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AgentHeX 0007 updated WRC 8 Mods with a new update entry:

Physics Mods, Camera Mods Updated, Tinted Windows Mod, Ground Shadows Mod, ReShade Tweaks

Physics Mods: There are now 2 new versions of this mod.
Physics Mod v2:
⦁ Gravity increase
⦁ Tyre Friction Reduced (to balance out the gravity increase)
⦁ Angular Momentum Reduced

Physics Mod v3:
⦁ Gravity increased
⦁ Tyre Friction Reduced
⦁ Angular Momentum Reduced
⦁ Centre of gravity lowered...
Read the rest of this update entry...
Thanks for quick reply. Have gone through the post you linked to but still cannot see/find a link to a download?
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