WRC 8 | Career Mode Fixes Available in Latest Console Update

Xbox One and PS4 players of WRC 8 rejoice! A new update for the official FIA World Rally Championship game is available now on console.

The new build, released earlier today for PS4 and Xbox One predominantly contains fixes for some of the longer standing bugs within the title - of which the often reported career mode 'extreme conditions' issue appears to have been resolved as part of this new build release.

Other highlights from the latest update include various miscellaneous fixes and improvements, stage balancing (whatever that means) and the rest you can read for yourself in the update notes below. Enjoy!

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WRC Update Notes:

Career Mode

  • The Career Mode has been balanced including some fixes.
    • Perks are now used once (consumable).
    • Fixed the $ symbols position.
    • Fixed the issue with the 3rd event when tutorial was ON.
  • UI improvements.
  • Some Stages have been balanced.
  • Add Credits information.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the “Reset” function in devices binding.
  • Fixed the “Delete Data” in option menu.
  • Fixed the blackscreen on SSS.
  • Fixed the Spectator Mode (special effects, cameras, user interface).
  • Fixed steering wheels movement on Replays.
  • Fixed the “out of track” in Freeroaming.

WRC 8 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Got a question and need an answer? Start a thread on the RaceDepartment WRC 8 sub forum and let out community help you out!

Sim Rally is AWESOME!

WRC 8 Updated.jpg
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