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  1. Richard01


    Sorry but this rally game really is rubbish. I'm on PS4, graphics are great even tho on some courses there is slight drop in frame rate. Sounds are good but no where near as good like dirt rally.
    Co- driver drives me nuts when he keeps saying brake and comes out with other words likes he got Tourettes.
    No introduction to each course so it's really boring.
    Car setup is a joke, where is the information on what you doing to set up the car?
    There is no championship mode so have to use custom championship.
    Career mode boring and slow.
    The tracks are easy and way too short.
    I've only had this game for 1 week and already got rid of it.
    If you going to do a decent rally at least do it properly.
    I feel sorry for people who brought it. Very disappointing!
  2. fl0wf1r3


    I am trying to get my Fanatec CSW V2 to work with WRC6. It really drives me nuts. I had to disconnected my Button Box before that game excepted my wheel. Now the Fanatec Handbrake is not recognized (connected to the wheelbase) I have DiRT Rally on a PS4 and everything is working on a console. Unbelievable.No, forum, no support. wtf I send an email to the developer. If I don't get an answer I will return the game. I already wasted one hour with that unfinished game
  3. FeRu


    Yes this game is really anoying and unfinished crap....I already finished Custom Championship with full calendar, so I can safely say that WRC 6 is bad rally game....WRC 5 was only worse,seriously Milestone games have much more content and fun from driving. Ok time for list of deep shits in this game:

    1. Co-Driver - OMG! this is the most annoying and f*cked up co-driver in car games history...very robotic and his pacenotes are wrong...When this idiot says " keep IN" don't listen, because you can always hit a rock,post or fence....Its safe to stay that his pacenotes are f*king trap.

    2. Damage model - Better than WRC 5 but still it is a joke. When you hit or only touch a wall or rock or fence with side or front-side! of your car your brake/tail lamps are gone!...
    Next thing: additional night lamps fell of when you only touch something with front or side of car.
    Finaly when you hit in something your car are bouncing like pinball.

    3. Cameras - Chase camera is one of worst Ive ever seen in car games. One is stiff and second have wired movements in tunrs or hairpins (but its still better than chase cam in WRC5), Cockpit cam is too high.Other views are ok.

    4. Special Stages - They are better than in last year but they are still flat and too wide...No cambers,no small bumps and other roughness on stages.Every SS is very similar SS in Argentina is almost tha same like Mexico or Portugal or Sardigna or Poland anf Finland...Only color pallete is little diferent but, plants,objects and other elements are the same in almost every rally.

    5. Physics - Snow physisc is still garbage like in WRC 5, tarmac and gravel are not bad, but crest jumps are bugged, example: Few times after bad landing on front bumper, my car bounce few hundred meters high and land on trees :D.....beautiful

    6.Lack of Content - No historic/legendary cars and crews or events from best years of WRC, No intro movies in any locations....BTW You can't find even ONE short movie clip in game,null,nada,nic,nothing,keine...
    In WRC series form Evolution Studio we had massive collection of movies from WRC (country intros,crews,rally compilations and much more), in WRC 4 from Milestone we also had a nice menu background rally clips, But in WRC 6 you cant find any of that

    This is my list of major cons in WRC 6. Right now game is not worth 45$ or even 20$,,,Seriously the is more than ten older and much better rally games on PC and Consoles than WRC 6.
    Don't buy this game....Its like still early beta.Perhaps in two or three years we will see a decent WRC game.....

    Sorry for my bad grammar english....I'm Polish
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