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WOW, Amazing SLI Performance/Scaling

2x 780 Ti (SLI)

Nvidia Inspector
I started with the base default Game Stock Car profile which doesn't seem to have anything special for the different compatibility bits stuff near the top, it doesn't even use the rFactor 1 profile, it's just all 0x00000000 for all of them.

Left everything default except the following 4 options plus the AA modes I mention below.

Texture Filtering - Anisotropic Filter Optimization - ON
Texture Filtering - Anisotropic Sample Optimization - ON
Texture Filtering - Quality - HIGH PERFORMANCE
Texture Filtering - Trilinear Optimization - ON

Resolution 5995 x 1080 (Triple monitors, bezel corrected)
Multi-view - ON
In-Game Graphics Settings
Circuit Detail - HIGH
Player Detail - FULL
Opponent Detail - MEDIUM
Texture Detail - FULL
Texture Filter - 8X ANISOTROPIC (with 1 GPU I gained close to 10 fps at the start when I dropped this to 8x from 16x)
Special Effects - FULL
Shadows - MEDIUM
Shadow Blur - OFF
Visible Vehicles - 20
Mirrors - ON
Vertical FOV - 25
Steering Wheel - OFF
Auto Detail FPS - OFF

In "player".PLR file:
Garage Detail="0.20000" (Do this on all rFactor / ISI engine games, trust me)
Compressed Textures="0"
Max Framerate="-60" (it's 60 fps per eye because it's 120 Hz 3D, don't forget the "negative", it almost always works better in rF1 based sims like GSC)
Record To Memory="1"
Compress Replay="0"

Ok so anyways here is the story. I never had good scaling with the combination of SLI, triple screens, and Multi-view, sometimes even worse performance with 2 cards. However when I switched to 3D gaming (it's amazing, especially for sims, it's not just a gimmick, trust me ---> http://www.racedepartment.com/threa...so-much-false-misleading-info-about-it.84534/) I never bothered to recheck the SLI in 3D mode....well......was I ever blown away....

With a single GPU I had to keep all the above graphics settings without much AA in order to stay at a consistent 60 fps while in a race of 23 A.I. Minis plus me @ Montreal. Even then at the start I would have some slow downs. If I upped the shadows, slowdowns, if I upped circuit detail or opponent detail - slowdowns (slowdowns mean under 60 fps x 2 in this case). So I tried SLI mode.....what the??....constant, maxed out 60 fps even when at the starting grid/standing start (remember, starting in 12th spot out of 24 cars, visible vehicles set to 20). I burn rubber at the start (to make smoke to stress the GPU further), I do a full lap with the pack, not a single dip, constant 60 fps from the initial start through the entire race.

I go to Nvidia Inspector and set some nice AA. I try 2x Multisample + 2x Sparse Grid Supersampling. Same result - 60 fps constant even on the starting grid and at the initial start. I try some other very high quality and demanding AA modes like 4xS (Combined: 1x2 SS + 2x MS) - constant 60 fps. I try 8xS (Combined: 1x2 SS + 4x MS) - again, constant 60 fps per eye (same demand as 120 fps because it's 60 fps per eye, 60 fps x2). This is insane, I am playing with 8xS AA on triple 1080p screens with multiview and not even getting a single slowdown on the start grid while cars or doing burnouts off the line, INSANE! I try 12xS (Combined: 2x2 SS + 4x OGMS) - SAME THING constant 60 fps. I try 16xS (Combined: 2x2 SS + 4x MS) - Maybe 1 or 2 tiny slowdowns to 57 or so fps, just for a quick instance near the start and that's it, what the??!!!!! This is crazy! Amazing!

Ok well let's put it back to 4xS and now let's up Opponent Texture to HIGH, with 23 opponents, and Visible Vehicles set to 20, and starting from 12th on the grid this might be a fps killer, but nope, constant perfect 60 fps...What about opponent texture on FULL - same thing, constant 60. WOW!!
Ok now one of the killers....Circuit Detail usually makes a big fps different from HIGH to FULL even though it's not visually much different. I set Circuit Detail to FULL, while opponent detail is also still set to FULL and I'm still locked at 60!!
Ok shadows.....This is probably the biggest killer of them all MEDIUM, HIGH, and FULL all usually have pretty big differences, and usually some pretty big dips at certain parts of the track (Especially with FULL, but also, at times, with HIGH). I try HIGH shadows, you gotta be kidding me, still locked at 60 fps everywhere. Ok the insanely inefficient FULL shadows, it's almost never worth it because the difference from HIGH to FULL is almost impossible to spot while driving, yet the fps avgs, minimums, or both, can severely decline when going to FULL. So I try FULL and......constant 60 fps!!!!! Am I seeing this correctly?!! WOW!

SLI, while in 3D mode, seems to work INSANELY GOOD with Game Stock Car. I need to do tests with other ISI based games but i'm assuming it will work just as good in rFactor 1 and Formula Truck 2013. GT Legends is based on a pre-rF1 engine, and rF2 is obviously a newer engine so I still need to test in those but this is an amazing result for GSC and NVIDIA SLI owners.

Even if you don't use 3D, as long as you have a 3D capable monitor you can still trick your monitor into going into 3D mode but while still seeing things in regular 2D, and then I'm assuming that this amazing scaling will still work (because the "back-end" still treats things in 3D mode even though you are seeing it in normal 2D), however don't forget to limit your framerate in the PLR to -120 (if you're using 120 Hz) when in 2D mode.

Nvidia SLI and 3D Vision (2) seem to be the perfect match in GSC.
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