Would you mind, if I try with a scalpel? - a short story

Georg Siebert

Aug 4, 2013
Hi everybody,

lurking around the forums, nothing to do? Despair no more!
For you fellas waiting for the multiplayer mode for Assetto Corsa to be released and for others of course, here is something to pass your time with. A short story I wrote for the 11th grade of our equivalent of an advanced High School class here in Germany in 2011.

Would you mind, if I try with a scalpel?
A short story by Georg Siebert

At the peak of summer 1975, our university had planned to send some of our hopefuls to a town abroad. Our intention was to research the behavior of eating, speaking and breathing through the same hole in the body. The choice was made and seven of our best breed where sent to the rural town of Minton.

It was dusk, nobody noticed them. Soon they found some locals. At least they looked like everyone else. Assuming the best place to start would be a gathering place, they tried the town’s pub. It was rather easy to get the landlord’s permission to start their work. Thanks to a fruitful advertising campaign, candidates for the examinations were found quickly. Our students began eagerly their work. Only a few, precise improvements needed to be made.

After two weeks, our people were very proud what they had done. The candidates were happy, all was well. Surprisingly, the locals were shocked as they made their first glimpse at the guinea pigs. With their enhancements, e.g. a second trachea, they could speak through the nose, while eating with the mouth, while breathing through two vents at the sides of the neck. It was a publicity disaster. The mob was furious. The volunteers were slaughtered on the spot and the indigenous casted our people out. For our brave pioneers, the plan to help turned into a plan to escape. They boarded their ship and flew to us home.

Despite their failure, we’ve admired them ever since.
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