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Would like ideas for mounting a tablet as a button box

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jason Copp, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. Jason Copp

    Jason Copp

    I have a playseat with triples and am looking for ideas to mount a tablet as a button box. Bonus marks for being able to mount a keyboard in a similar fashion.. I've seen lots of pictures of people with a keyboard mounted on the left, sort of "floating" beside the wheel. What do people use for that? I have iPad and Android devices at my disposal for this.

    I'm primarily playing Project Cars at the moment since I just got it running well, but I play AC, rF2, Codie's games and GSE.

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  2. JamesU


    I think when people have a keyboard next to them it's something that they have incorporated into their rig. You've probably already seen that though from photos.

    I'm pretty much a useless comment, i just wanted to say how much i envy your setup. That looks cosy as heck!
  3. juliel55


    I use roccat power grid. They have button boxes for IPad and android tablets/phones. At present I'm using one for Pcars and GSC both work great. They also have one for Iracing.
  4. Peter Klawitter

    Peter Klawitter
    RaceDepartment Business Director Staff

    if you can go for RAM mounts, that's what I used for my 80/20 rig, but comes with all kinds of mounting/ base options. (basically what you use are just like for cameras, threaded 1/4 i think it is, there is tablet/ ipad holder which come with that thread, and u take RAM mounts to mount it all up)
    here is what i mean for example:

    and then use all compatible RAM mounting joints, plates and bases. start with this http://www.rammount.com/part/RAM-B-237U
    and then u need a joint arm and base/ plate joint. i used 1inch ball for all my button boxes on PC and PS4, they can carry the weight and are more sturdy and rigid.

    for keyboard, because i wanted fully articulating keyboard and mouse option for my 80/20, i got this:
    Ergotron LX keyboard arm

    hope this helps. i can dig up pictures if you need to see, but currently moving overseas and can't take "recent" pictures.
  5. Moxley6969


    350$ for a keyboard mount. Holy crackers......Mines a couple pieces of hardboard. 2 pieces of MDF and a couple bolts/screws.
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  6. Peter Klawitter

    Peter Klawitter
    RaceDepartment Business Director Staff

    yeah, works like a charm fully adjustable and I use my 80/20 rig with an extension build to it as my office desk, pretty awesome setup and can use the tilting arm for my work too, and loving my setup. crazy what is possible with 80/20, never thought could use space so productively! i even build rails for my spot lights on the (hanging) ceiling! it is absolutely wonderful, endless adjustabilities! (makes sense and now i understand and see why colleges, labs, tech and etc around the world use 80/20!)
  7. Jari Vinnari

    Jari Vinnari

    For tablet you could attach this or similar to center column or to the black table->

    Use zip ties if you want it easily removable and bolts for permament installation.
    You could make keyboard tray out of TV/monitor wall mount. It perhaps wouldnt be pretty or very user friendly but would get the job done.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2016
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