World's Ugliest Cars

Resi Respati

Oct 23, 2008

Car geeks are generally an outspoken group. But they really put the pedal to the metal when Hagerty Insurance, a specialist in collector cars, surveyed its policyholders for their picks of the worst car designs of all time.

Chevrolet Chevette

"When the car went into any type of water puddle it would suck water into the engine. They fell apart after 40,000 miles. Piece of junk."

"Absolute garbage BEFORE it was built."

"It was junk like this that opened the door for Toyota and Honda. Sad but true."

Ford Edsel

"Has got to be the ugliest car ever to roll out of Detroit."

"Talk about the wrong car at the wrong time!"

"The '58 was schizophrenic! The front motif is vertical (especially that hideous grille), while the rear motif is horizontal."

"One of the worst designs and poorly manufactured cars of all time."

"Gas-guzzling, three-ton behemoth with a toilet seat grill and inexplicably tacky push-button transmission shifting. The standard by which all other automotive brand failures have been judged (and ridiculed) for 50 years."

"Poor styling, poor workmanship, wrong car at the wrong time, and it was made to compete against its own sister brand, Mercury, not differentiating whether it was a step above or below the brand."

AMC Matador

"Looks like a spaceship."

"Has to be just a hair uglier than the Gremlin...and it doesn't matter what year."

"The Matador coupe had those bug-ugly front lights and the strange rear-end design treatment. It's hard to imagine a car that large having so little interior space. A total waste of steel (and glass, and plastic, and rubber...)."

Chevrolet Corvair

"Underpowered and unsafe. I had a chance to ride in one and it was more horrifying than all the rides at Disneyland."

"They were all death traps. If you got rear-ended, they burst into flames. If you got into a sideways slide, the tires blew off the rims and they rolled over."

"Ugly, underpowered, not safe, not safe, not safe. A very bad imitation of the VW Bug. I hardly ever see one, not even at old car shows, probably due to a corrosion problem."

AMC Gremlin

"The most hideously ill-proportioned car of all time."

"This car was the epitome of ugly. The first subcompact was introduced Apr. 1, 1970 (April Fools' Day). Need we say more?"

"So much window that even in the winter you could fry eggs inside! Speaking of which, it sort of looked like an upside-down egg!"

Chevrolet Vega

"Cheaply built, rough running, harsh ride, rust prone. It was without a doubt the worst vehicle I ever owned."

"So bad it turned off subsequent generations to GM and created the beginning of the downfall of the world's greatest automaker."

"A car that began to rust on the showroom floor brought a whole new meaning to the term 'Planned Obsolescence.'"

"An alleged four-seater that required a pry bar and 'the jaws of life' (both optional) for passenger extrication from the zero-legroom back seat. Sieve-like leaking aluminum-block four-cylinder engine (guaranteed to crack at no more than 30,000 miles), generating perhaps 70 hp (downhill only, with a good tailwind), while still managing to get less than 20 mpg on the highway! A truly masterful feat of reverse engineering by the guys from Flint."

Pontiac Aztek

"There must have been a front-end design team and a rear-end design team. And the two teams NEVER spoke to each other!"

"The only car that can make a Pacer wagon look good."

"It looks like a mini-trash truck."

Ford Pinto

"If the vehicle was rear-ended, it made the accident worse than it should've been because the gas tank exploded."

"Junk from the day they built it! Do you see any around anywhere? Not even close to a collectible car."

"My neighbor had a vanity plate that read 'IXPLODE' on his Ford Pinto. I was a kid and understood the significance and humor."

"Underpowered, cheap plastic, bodies prone to rust...oh, yeah, they blow up, too."


"You couldn't get scrap-metal money even if it was running."

"The Yugo was a car that fell apart while you drove."

"I used to work for a dealer and the last one on the lot was an '88 model that never got sold. It was there until 1991, when it was given away as a promotional gift on a radio show."

AMC Pacer

"Looked like a fishbowl and those windows leaked. Add a leaky sunroof to it and the car rusted from the inside out!"

"It is a pregnant roller skate."

"Not only UGLY but two different-sized front doors!"

"Human terrarium."

"It had seats designed like blue jeans, including the brass buttons, which burned the crap out of you on a hot day."

"Six feet long, eight feet wide, bicycle tires all around, and 0 to 60 in four-and-a-half hours. What a prize! AMC's only conceivable excuse for this engineering and stylistic horror would be if their 1970s design crew was tripping on massive quantities of acid...and even wouldn't be a good excuse."


Fiat Multipla

The power of the Fiat badge meant that this model, the Multipla, was an instant hit with Italian buyers when it came out in 1998, but its styling makes us think of a giant rubber duck.

Nissan S Cargo

It's a Nissan S Cargo. Manufactured from 1989 to 1992, its name was an amusing double entendre meaning both "Small Cargo" as well as "Escargot", the French word for snail

Reliant Regal (Mr Bean's rival car)

Reliant Regal. Oh yes, a horrid little British three-wheeler with no guts and no handling.

Aston Martin Lagonda

No, your screen didn't shrink, there's no photoshop and it wasn't just a concept car. This Aston Martin Lagonda wagon, manufactured between 1976 and 1989, was hoped to appeal customers who would otherwise spend their money on products from Rolls Royce and Bentley. Guess what happened

Mark Birney

Sep 13, 2008
The Gremlin, Chevette, Pacer and Pinto are owsum. Shadap. But that Lagonda Estate is horrid.


Aug 10, 2007
thats not a reliant regal its a Reliant Supervan and they're not really that ugly.
Jul 28, 2009
Vega may have been a crappy car but it looks awsum to me...
Some other from the list also apply to it...
Not in all cases ugly =/=crappy and crappy =/=ugly.
Nevertheless i can show you a car that was both:
FSO Polonez

Resi Respati

Oct 23, 2008

2002 BMW 7-series
(believe it or not!)

The Munich company's flagship sedan was nothing less than everything the company knew about car building, and that was quite a lot. Perfectly constructed, astonishingly fast and utterly besotted with technology, the big, gracious 7-series had but two flaws: The first was something called iDrive, a rotary dial/joystick controller situated on the center console, through which drivers adjusted dozens of vehicle settings, from climate, navigation and audio functions to things like the sound of the door chime. The reason for iDrive and similar systems is that designers were running out of room for switches and instruments. The trouble was that the iDrive was hard to work. Damn near impossible, in fact. Drivers spent many hair-pulling minutes driving to figure out how to add radio presets, for example, or turn up the air conditioning. When confronted with complaints, BMW engineers said, with barely disguised contempt: Ze system werks pervectly. Dis is no problem. Since 2002, BMW has gradually improved iDrive to make it more intuitive, but it's still a pain. The other flaw? The silly bubble butt, called the Bangle Bustle, after lead designer Chris Bangle.


Sep 23, 2008
Odd, there's noit many European cars...

It may not be very ugly but it was bad:
Talbot Horizon

Erm further:
Where the hell is the Ssangyong Actyon

Or the Ssangyong Rodius

Or./. The Daewoos we had around 2000, with those ugly grilles.

Kris Leeten

Nov 17, 2007
That Chevrolet Vega doesn't look that bad to me, nothing said about quality of course.
That Rodius on the other hand :bad:

Chevy SSR: (wait until you see it in real life :sick2:)


Kyle Evers

The Ford Edsel is a cool car. How is that considered one of the ugliest cars? I think the Prius is much uglier than that thing.