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Worldchampion! :D

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by malarky, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. malarky


    Hello guys,
    It might not interest you at all, but I just wanted to share it with you.
    I bought F1 2010 for the PC like 3 weeks ago with a XBOX 360 controller because the keyboard is annoying to drive with in my opinion.
    I started my 7 year career with Virgin and on easy, but after Melbourne I turned it on Expert already because it was way too easy.
    After Hungary - Budapest I chose Jenson Button as rival because it seemed very unlikely to beat Alonso or Webber.
    At that time in 1st place was Webber, 2nd Alonso, me 3rd and Button 4th.
    Then I won a couple of races, such like Canada - Montréal, Turkey - Istanbul and Belgium - Spa.
    I crashed out at Singapore and Japan which dropped me from 1st place at the leaderboard to 2nd place.
    Then I won at Brazil - Interlagos and it put me on 205 points in 2nd place and Webber on 226 points in 1st place.
    So the math was simple, I had to win at Abu Dhabi and Webber wasn't allowed to end higher than place 8 for me to become worldchampion.
    Right, Abu Dhabi, first time I've ever done this track, wonderfull track though.
    I got myself onto pole position and Webber got himself in 2nd.
    Right in the first corner I felt a massive bump against my car and I pressed the button to get the rear camera and I see Webber lost his front wing and his left tire.
    Which ment that all I had to do is to keep calm and win the race.
    I drove Abu Dhabi without making any mistakes (without driving ADS, no traction control, no driving line, only thing was automatic gearbox. Still have to practice with manual gearbox).
    I didn't even get overtaken by Vettel when I took my pit-stop.
    Right after a long race, because I do every race 100% I finally won and ended up with 230 points in 1st place and Webber with 226 points.
    Well, because I had beaten Button as well I got a contract offer at McLaren Mercedes.
    So now up to my 2nd season with McLaren.

    Just had to share my happiness with you guys!

    PS. Big big big thanks to mr. Bram Hengeveld, his set-ups got me on pole a couple of times and made me win races.
    Also this time on Abu Dhabi his wonderfull set-up got me on pole.

  2. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Gratz I too run races full distance and on expert but havent got half way through yet due to these weekly Time Trial competitions. come join the fun in TT we need the competition from a decent driver since you won in your first year on expert you should be up there with the best of them.
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