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World Sim Series,yet another scam

The World today,everything has to have a dollar attached to it.

GPU's being bought up by piggies for Bitcoin or people looking to exploit by setting up an online racing server that tries to make you buy a subscrption to just race together online with the lure of winning prizes only the ones who have the multi thousand dollar gear own anyway.

Just to prticipate in one race,you have to pay 5 euros,what a joke.

The prize bit is the accentive to suck people in to join but the chance is probably as minial as winning the lotto.

We have full games cut into DLC to exploit people,microtransactions.

I'm over the greedy age of humanity.

Could you please piss off to Mars on Elton's Star ship please.


No, I meant the OP... and the context being that the "greedy age" of humanity has been, well, when did we officially first appear on the planet? It's been since then.

It's hardwired, I'm afraid. :(


As always, there are two sides to the coin.

On the one hand, it sucks to pay for something.
( Could someone please take my old Toyota and replace it with a Cayman GT4?)

Especially when there is racing available free of charge.

On the other hand I can´t stand it anymore to race on public servers, there´s too many stupid and/or unexperienced drivers who don´t feel oblieged to practice the car and learn the track.

So if a moderate fee gets me a ranked series with race control ( which to establish cost money) it may be worth it, at least for me.

At one time I even considered joining Iracing, but their monetarization model with subcription AND in game purchases was a little to much.

MFG Carsten