World Rally Manufacturer Manager - Season One (2017)

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  1. Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham

    Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham

    Welcome to the first season of the not so catchy named World Rally Manufacturer Manager. An excel based game where you guide a manufacturer through all the important decisions in order to achieve success in the WRC.

    1- 85th Rally Monte Carlo (17 Stages) (Snow/Tarmac)
    2- 4th Rally Norway (23 Stages) (Snow)
    3- 65th Rally Sweden (18 Stages) (Snow)
    4- 31st Rally Mexico (20 Stages) (Gravel)
    5- 60th Tour de Corse (10 Stages) (Tarmac)
    6- 37th Rally Argentina (18 Stages) (Gravel)
    7- 53rd Rally Ypres (20 Stages) (Tarmac)
    8- 51st Rally Portugal (19 Stages) (Gravel)
    SE- 14th Rally Italy (19 Stages) (Gravel)
    9- 74th Rally Poland (21 Stages) (Gravel)
    10- 67th Rally Finland (24 Stages) (Gravel)
    SE- African Eco Race (12 Stages) (Rally Raid)
    11- 35th Rally Germany (18 Stages) (Tarmac)
    SE- Monza Rally Show (10 Stages) (Tarmac)
    12- 53rd Rally Catalunya (21 Stages) (Gravel/Tarmac)
    13- 73rd Rally Britain (22 Stages) (Gravel)
    14- 26th Rally Australia (23 Stages) (Gravel)
    SE- Silk Way Rally (15 Stages) (Rally Raid)
    SE- Dakar Rally (12 Stages) (Rally Raid)


    First job is you need is to pick a manufacturer. The next post will contain all the information you need to know about all the manufacturers you can choose from (apart from their precise budget, as only you and I will know that after you choose your manufacturer). Manufacturers will be picked on a first come, first served basis. There is a range of manufacturers with differing budgets, so you may choose a big manufacturer in order to achieve instant success, an iconic one which hasn't had the most success in the past few seasons, or a smaller one, and bring them to the top. These are the available manufacturers (More might be available depending on signups)

    - Ford (TAKEN)
    - Citroen (TAKEN)
    - Hyundai
    - Toyota (TAKEN)
    - Volkswagen
    - Mini (TAKEN)
    - Skoda (TAKEN)
    - Mitsubishi (TAKEN)
    - Subaru (TAKEN)
    - Peugeot (TAKEN)
    - Renault (TAKEN)
    - Opel (TAKEN)
    - Suzuki (TAKEN)
    - Honda (TAKEN)
    - Seat (TAKEN)
    - Proton

    Driver Scouting

    The driver database for this game is pretty big. There is, in total, 213 drivers you can sign. Lot's of drivers you probably have never heard off. Some may not even want a full time WRC contract, and may want to compete in one off events or even special events. This is why you have a free scouting round. You can scout 15 drivers (for free) and you will get a load of information of them. Their minimum wage, their expectations, full time, part time and so on or so forth.

    Any other drivers you want to scout will cost you £50,000.

    Car Building

    WRC cars cost £800,000 to build. For a works team, you can build a maximum of four cars.
    Rally Raid cars cost £500,000 to build. You can build a maximum of five cars for a works team.

    Driver Signing/Special Events

    Next up is to sign drivers. Now there is a few steps you need to follow.

    1- Sign up to three full time drivers
    Depending on how many cars you've built, you need up to sign three drivers who will compete full time in the championship (So if you built one WRC car, you can only sign one driver). You will make an offer on the drivers you want. They will automatically accept the highest bid. There may be a few rounds of signings until all works teams have filled their seats.

    2- Sign part time drivers (only applicable if you built 4 cars)
    If you have four cars, you can then sign drivers to race for you part time. They can't score championship points, but they can earn you some money. To place a bid, you need to do the following.

    1- State the driver name
    2- State for how many rallies they will compete in.
    3- State which rallies they will compete in.

    Part timers can only compete in seven rallies a season, but you can have more than one part time driver. You can't have two part timers competing in the same event. The wage they will receive depends on how many rallies you decide to offer them. If you offer them seven, then their wage will be 50% of the stated price. Drivers will pick the contract with the most rallies available to them.

    3- Sign Special Event Drivers

    Next up is your special event lineup. You can sign any one from the driver list, and you only pay 25% of their minimum wage for the three events if your signing them for Rally Raid. The two special rallies, you only need to pay 20% of their minimum wage. If more than one person bids for the same driver, then a bidding war will begin. You can sign up to five rally raid drivers and up to four special rally drivers.

    You can enter your full time drivers into these events free of charge!

    Tyre Manufacturers

    The next job is to sign a deal with a tyre manufacturer. Each manufacturer will have different stats, but can only supply to four works teams. The tyre manufacturers are;

    - Michelin
    - DMACK
    - Pirelli
    - Bridgestone
    - Goodyear

    Their stats will remain hidden until the season start or if you sign with one of them.

    They will have a minimum price, but you can bid as much as you want on them. Top three bids on each manufacturer will secure yourself a deal with them. Privateers will also get to use them as well.


    Before the season starts, you can do up to 10000KM of testing (each KM costing £200). You can split it into the following categories

    - Snow Performance
    - Gravel Performance
    - Tarmac Performance
    - Aero
    - Durability

    In between rallies, you can do 2000KM of testing (each KM costing £400)

    For Rally Raid Cars, you can do 5000KM before each event (each KM costing £400). You can split it into the following categories

    - Low Altitude Performance
    - High Altitude Performance
    - Durability

    If you want to do rally raid testing between rally events, then you can use your 2000KM for Rally Raid instead.

    You can also pick any of the drivers you have under contract to test for them. Better drivers may improve your car more, but you could use the miles to train your young driver


    Privateer teams will randomly select drivers that will compete for them, and they can compete in up to seven rounds of the championship. However, they will be looking for a car to race with. You can approach a team before season start, making an offer to supply them cars. This is a good way of making some profit. Once you make an offer, then the teams will evaluate all of their options. They will pick the cheapest offer. In the event of two manufacturers both offering the same, then a bidding war will begin, with the team that gives the lowest offer winning. If your offer is too high, then a team may reject and negotiate if it's the only offer they have.

    Before each event, there will be a list of drivers who want to make a solo entry. You will repeat the process with them. If they already have entered an event using your car, then they will use the same car for the next rally they compete in.

    Signing Up
    Sign up using the following form;

    Manager Name:

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  2. Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham

    Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham

    Tyre Manufacturers

    Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 17.04.47.png

    Driver List
    Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 17.06.07.png
    Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 17.06.25.png
    Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 17.06.46.png
    Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 17.07.15.png
    Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 17.07.39.png

    Privateer Teams
    - Abu Dhabi Total World Rally Team
    - PH Sport
    - Eurolamp World Rally Team
    - FWRT s.r.l
    - J-Motorsport
    - Adapta Motorsport
    - BRC Racing
    - Printsport
    - TGS Wordlwide OU
    - Wevers Motorsport
    - Lotos Rally Team
    - Heuvel Motorsport
    - Napoca Rally Academy
    - TAIF Motorsport

    Point System
    1st- 25
    2nd- 20
    3rd- 16
    4th- 13
    5th- 11
    6th- 10
    7th- 9
    8th- 8
    9th- 7
    10th- 6
    11th- 5
    12th- 4
    13th- 3
    14th- 2
    15th- 1

    Top 2 drivers for each manufacturer will score points for the manufacturers championship
    Rally Win- £1,000,000
    Rally Podium- £800,000
    4th/5th- £500,000
    6th-10th- £200,000
    11th-15th- £100,000
    Finished- £50,000

    x2 bonus in the Dakar Rally, Silk Way Rally and African Eco Race.

    Top tier manufacturer (Citroen, Ford, Hyundai) --> 1st-3rd in the championship
    Tier two manufacturer (Volkswagen, Skoda, Toyota) --> 3rd-5th in the championship
    Tier three manufacturer (Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mini) --> 5th-8th in the championship
    Tier four manufacturer (Renault, Opel, Seat) --> 8th-10th in the championship
    Tier five manufacturer (Suzuki, Honda, Proton) --> 10th-14th in the championship

    You will receive funding if you achieve these objectives for next season (smaller manufacturers receive more in order to promote progression). If you exceed expectations, then you will get more funding for next season. If you don't achieve expectations, you will get less funding
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  3. Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham

    Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham

    Manufacturers Information

    WRC Drivers Titles- 2
    WRC Constructors Titles- 3

    Ford is one of the biggest names in the championship, and with one of the biggest budgets. However, they haven’t won a championship in nine seasons. They will be looking to change this with a new set of regulations.

    WRC Drivers Titles- 9
    WRC Constructors Titles- 8

    Citroen are one of the most successful manufacturers in WRC history, but it’s been a dry spell since Loeb last won the title in 2012. After not running a works entry in 2016, they return looking for more success, and with a very healthy budget

    WRC Drivers Titles- 0
    WRC Constructors Titles- 0

    Hyundai have made very strong progress since their return in 2014. Despite not having as large a budget as the likes of Ford and Citroen, they have been very competitive, leapfrogging them in the past two seasons.

    WRC Drivers Titles- 4
    WRC Constructor Titles- 4

    Volkswagen has been a dominant force in the past four seasons, but the emissions scandal have meant they have taken a hit to their budget for the upcoming season.

    WRC Drivers Titles- 4
    WRC Constructors Titles- 3

    Toyota announced their return to the championship after leaving in 2001, and with a healthy budget, they will look to compete with the likes of Ford and Citroen.

    WRC Drivers Titles- 0
    WRC Constructors Titles- 0

    Mini returned as a manufacturer in 2011, but their return proved disastrous, with them dropping manufacturer support in 2012. With new investment, they look to go back to their glory days.

    WRC Driver Titles- 0
    WRC Constructors Titles- 0

    Skoda enters the top class of WRC competition with a solid budget, hoping to build on their success they achieved in the WRC-2 class of competition. The question remains if they have the budget to achieve success at the top.


    WRC Drivers Titles- 4
    WRC Constructors Titles- 1

    Mitsubishi hope to return to their glory days, but a limitation is a smaller budget compared to the big manufacturers. They will be looking to begin a phase of rebuilding before challenging for titles.

    WRC Drivers Titles- 3
    WRC Constructors Titles- 3

    Subaru, like Mitsubishi, will be looking to return to their glory days, but face the challenge of rebuilding. They also face the same challenges budget wise as Mitsubishi.

    WRC Drivers Titles- 4
    WRC Constructors Titles- 5

    Another team looking to return to their glory days, Peugeot come back to the top class of WRC. Their budget looks good compared to rivals, and they have already begun the rebuilding process after some time in WRC-2 and WRC-3

    WRC Drivers Titles- 0
    WRC Constructors Titles- 1

    Alpine-Renault won the first ever constructors title in WRC, but haven’t enjoyed much success since. However, Renault have been doing a solid job in WRC-3, and will be looking to use a fairly decent budget to good use.


    WRC Drivers Titles- 1
    WRC Constructors Titles- 0

    Opel aren’t well known for rally success, but despite a quite small budget, they have been pretty handy in lower classes of rally. Don’t expect too much straight away however.

    WRC Drivers Titles- 0
    WRC Constructors Titles- 0

    With their main focus on MotoGP, Suzuki has only set aside a small budget for their rally program. Don’t expect much from them in the get go.

    WRC Drivers Titles- 0
    WRC Constructors Titles- 0

    Honda have very little involvement in rally, and their budget is very small with them focusing on improving in MotoGP and IndyCar. Like Suzuki, don’t expect a lot straight away.

    WRC Drivers Titles- 0
    WRC Constructors Titles- 0

    Seat has a larger budget compared to the other small teams, and a bit more rally pedigree compared to Suzuki and Honda. Right now, they aren’t doing a lot in motorsport so they might have a better chance of progressing

    WRC Drivers Titles- 0
    WRC Constructors Titles- 0

    With the smallest budget, Proton isn’t expecting much. They face the toughest journey to the WRC title.
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  4. Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham

    Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham

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  5. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    That driver list though :confused::confused:
    But I guess I'll sign up, just put me on it and I'll catch up when I can :D
  6. Benutzername

    I breathe a lot. I guess i just really like air.

    Manager: Ben Utzer
    Manufacture: Opel
  7. rubaru


    Manager: Jason Lutz
    Manufacturer: Skoda
  8. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Premium

    Manager Name: Jimmy Laad
    Manufacturer: Subaru
  9. Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham

    Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham

    Lol, I told you there was over 200 drivers :D
  10. rubaru


    The last part of the table is repeated.
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  11. Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham

    Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham

    Fixed :thumbsup:
  12. Millsy24

    Curses! Premium

    Manager Name: Daniel Harvey
    Manufacturer: Mini
  13. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Manager Name: Omer Said
    Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
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  14. The_Laskinator


    Manager Name: Jack Laskey
    Manufacturer: Ford
  15. airutonpurosuto8912


    Manager Name: Andrew Richards
    Manufacturer: Citroën
  16. TTupsi


    Is there anything we can do during the rallies? Strategy/team orders/anything?

    What happens when drivers breaks their car? WIll teams have to pay for repairing or is it free?
  17. the_sigman


    The first car I drove was a Peugeot, it is a natural choice :D I just wish we had Nissan

    Manager Name: Manolis Sigoulakis
    Manufacturer: Peugeot
  18. rubaru


    My first was a Ford, which might be why I didn't chose them.
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  19. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    Well before I get stolen a manufacturer, I'll go with Subaru. Would have chosen Mini if Mills didn't choose it above
    edit: oh ffs Subaru is stolen as well. Well, didn't have to flip the coin in that case. Renault.
  20. Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham

    Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham

    Subaru has been chosen :D
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