Working together on a track for RBR



I have a question.

I am currently working on a rally stage with BTB. My question is if you can work together with several people on a track?

Because when sombody else adds objects to the track and then sends his file to me ( the same track) my work disapears and his work will come up.

Is there a way that those objects which others add to the track will join instead of replacing my added objects?

I hope i made my problem clear:)

Greetings Bas


Good question, it would be nice to be able to collaborate on tracks somehow...


Mar 16, 2009
The answer is no, I think. If you and someone else both have copies of the venue file and both of you make independent changes to it, there's no way to merge the two files together as far as I know.

To collaborate on a track you'd have to have just the one venue file and only have one person changing it at a time.