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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by eduardof, May 4, 2010.

  1. eduardof


    I am in the end of my project, crating a hillclimb track, whats missing its the working timer.
    Its different from the rfactor method, and with the help of the creator of Jaux plan rally, tracks that has a working timer.
    What we told me was :

    "The problem with PTP tracks in gmotor games is that when you turn your out lap not all register as legal. A valid out lap is passing through xsector1 then xsector2. When you drive an outlap on a closed circuit you collide with xsector1, then xsector2, and when you collide with xfinish(start line) timing starts. For a PTP track imagine unwinding the closed layout.

    You need to create dummy timing objects for the PTP timing work in rF . The sequence of timing plane instances you must pass through in a PTP track is as follows:

    Dummy XS1 (xsector1001) <-- before the start line
    Dummy XS2 (xsector2002) <-- before the start line
    Dummy XF (xfinish1001) <-- at the start line
    xsector1 <-- Anywhere in the track
    xsector2 <-- Anywhere in the track
    xfinish <-- At the finish line

    The first XF starts the timer, the second stops it for the lap. Easy as that. This is how it looks in your scn file:

    Render=False Change=False
    MeshFile=xsector1.GMT CollTarget=True HATTarget=False
    MeshFile=xsector1001.GMT CollTarget=True HATTarget=False
    Render=False Change=False
    MeshFile=xsector2.GMT CollTarget=True HATTarget=False
    MeshFile=xsector2002.GMT CollTarget=True HATTarget=False

    Render=False Change=False
    MeshFile=xfinish.GMT CollTarget=True HATTarget=False
    MeshFile=xfinish1001.GMT CollTarget=True HATTarget=False

    This works fine in rF but GTR2/GTL does not recognize the dummy xobject names xsector1001,xsector2002,xfinish1001). So to make this work just merge the dummy and real sectors into single timing objects:

    (Dummy XS1 & XS1) = xsector1
    (Dummy XS2 & XS2) = xsector2
    (Dummy XF & XF) = xfinish

    So you don't need any special entries in the trk file.

    In Joux Plane, I added a "Rally" layout with this type of timer which works great in Practice mode and also for online rally events. If you're running a normal grid you have to use the regular timer."

    "Ok, so you need to
    create 6 walls (3 real xobjects + 3 dummy xobjects)
    place them on your track following the sequence I described
    join xobjects
    xsector1 & xsector1001 => xsector1
    xsector2 & xsector2002 => xsector2
    xfinish1 & xfinish1001 => xfinish1
    It seems like you've done 1 & 2. For 3, you can just attach the objects in max.. or in 3dsimed do the following:

    import the two objects you want to join, say xsector1 & xsector1001
    explode all objects
    copy all faces (ctrl+a, "copy faces")
    make a new file
    paste the faces (ctrl+v)
    save as xsector1

    I wrote this from memory so hopefully I got the commands right."

    The part that im having trouble its this last part, merging the objects at 3dsimed.

    Someone can help?

    Thanks in advance
  2. RT1971


    If your using the latest 3DSimED, Open 3DSimED, Select New, then Select Primitives on the menu and Select Add Object.
    Load the first object you need then select Primitives on the menu and Select Add Object and load the second object.
    Select Edit/Explode All Objects click yes when prompted.
    Then you Export/GTL/Save Model Data a .GMT Write Options box will open, turn off lit at night and leave LODin LODout default 0,0.
    Then just save it with the name of the xsector or xfinish you require.
    Just remember to remove the dummy references from your .scn file.
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