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Wipers for mods in AC

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by SeriousNewb, May 30, 2019.

  1. SeriousNewb


    As far as I'm aware wipers in AC only function for those cars created by Kunos.

    With the addition of SOL and weather effects I was wondering if its possible to get wipers working for mods?

    From what I could find online an animated element would need to be create to a actually animate wipers for the car.

    I came across a reference to config ini file for Kunos cars where wiper animation is enabled using the following. I'm note how it works for those cars with just one wiper like the 911 RSR etc. And behind this is the actual animated asset already referenced.

    FRONT_0=<left wiper element name>
    FRONT_1=<right wiper element name>

    I'd be interested to know what if anything can be done to get wipers functioning for non Kunos cars
  2. Stereo


    You sorta need the source files and make the animation in the editor the car was made in. That ini is only there in case the wiperblades aren't autodetected by CSP for wiping raindrops.
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