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Tracks WIP - 60's Silkeborg, Denmark.

Sergio Loro

Hello everyone, i just start this serie of 3 short danish tracks (Silkeborg, Dalsland and Roskilde).
First one is Silkeborg, as usual main goal is to provide a good looking track and off course a moment of fun. Track is great for low powered cars as Formula Junior, i like it. Still a lot to do, but start to feel alive :)
Enjoy it :)
Are you using a different gras color this time? It somehow looks much better than what I have seen when driving Südschleife.

Sergio Loro

yes i do, different texture, to be honest never had a problem with Suds texture, in terms of how it looks, eventually a different texture can be test it and check!!
about this track, still not 100% happy with some tree and bushes textures, rest feel very charm...

Sergio Loro

Hello people!! most of work done with this one. All 3d assets already in place, road mesh, AI, cameras and so on, still to fix a issue with Miker FJ60 AI (they enter pits before last lap).
i am going to do a proper test driving this weekend and eventually some of beta testers are going to show up with a preview video before released.
Enjoy it :)

Looks great! Would love to see an onboard lap to see the flow of the circuit as I'm completely unfamiliar with it; hopefully one of those beta tester videos does that :)
Unfortunately it seems like RD is using a third party video player to inject the video into their site, so it doesn't show up because of a normal ad filter. A normal link to youtube will work!
Does not seem like their own video player but rather like an extra layer to block tracking by google.

Here is an onboard from a tin-top showing the updated environment.
Thanks for the preview, looks good!
Looks nice, I hope it's not another 400+mb, track. looks more like 100ish mb track at most
A comparison with the recent track would be nice since it's available to download here as well.

It's really wide, isn't it? (Also think the same of the new / recent version)