Windows Vista startup problem - need help


I'm having troubles with my laptop. I'm currently running a dual boot with windows vista 64 home edition on one partition and linux (opensuse) on the other.

now, my problem is that vista doesn't load anymore, while linux yes. I get to the vista loading screen with the loading bar but after a while I get a blue screen. I tried to reboot in all possible way (safe mode etc.) but it doesn't work. I also tried with the recover cd but it still doesn't work.

Is it possible to recover some documents and pictures on vista partition from linux's one?

I have little knowledge of linux. I installed it few months ago to test it but never really used it. I don't mind formatting my laptop, it was in plan anyway. But I really need to recover some files and pictures.

Hope I was clear enough. If not I'll try to re-explain.


Robin Cook

if you go on one of the opensuse forums im sure someone can tell you how to do it.

I was using mandriva linux last year and was tripple booting
i could access win xp and win vista drives from within linux with no problem. but i cant remember how i mounted them within linux

Dave Stephenson

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In Ubuntu I can just mount them directly form the menu. It's a long time since I ran a Suse install so I can't rememeber if they provide the ability to do it from the GUI.

use the 'mount' command from a terminal, you will need to get information about the partition by listing your drives by UUID ('ls' command in the right directory) or by using 'fdisk -l' with administrator rights. There are plenty of tutorials on this around the internet.

If you want to do it from a GUI interface you can install gparted using YaST or you preferred package manager. GParted will show all your drives and partitions in a nice gui and you can just right click and choose mount. You should then be able to access the drive as you would your linux partition.

ps. @ Robin - SMEG!

Marcel Hulsbergen

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Try to boot with the Vista dvd and run the repair to see if this will fix it.

It could be faulty hardware also, so disable all powercables from extra components like dvd drive extra harddrive , just connect the main things like one hdd, video card etc. Try to boot.

Or download a bootcd, or make one yourself.

Knoppix has a bootable cd with os, you don't need to install this.

Search for hiren on google.
Hello, sorry for late reply, I was first very busy and then left for one week with no internet connection. Thanks for the support. After asking on Suse forum (@ Robin: I did it a short while after I posted here :) ) I didn't find any solutions, I tried several ways but none works (including mounting the driver from the terminal and using Vista repair cd and bootable cd as you suggeted). Unfortunately I needed my laptop to do some work while I was away so I decided to format and forget the files I needed to recover. It was painful but necessary, I had no choice.

Anyway thank you again for the support.
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