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Who will win the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix?

  • Max Verstappen

    Votes: 775 48.8%
  • Lewis Hamilton

    Votes: 699 44.0%
  • Other Driver

    Votes: 115 7.2%

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Textures Windows 95 coverart.png 0.1

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vittuperkele69420 submitted a new resource:

Windows 95 coverart.png - A basic coverart.png you can swap out.

A coverart.png .
Just swap the original Coverart.png with this and there you go. I don't know if the note that points that
Petteri gave this CD to the player is visible in the CD case, tell me if it is. Anyways. that's what you need to know. Ahahahah. Windows 95 was released in August 12th of 1995, and this game was in 1995, in Finnish summer.
August is mid-summer over there, so yeah, this is completly realistic. Enjoy this...

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