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Windows 10 helping amd gpu's?

Brent Mills

Brent Mills
Nov 10, 2014
I heard the rumour that windows 10 was improving fps for AMD GPU users. Mine is not awful, using medium settings getting 40 - 60fps, but not great. I installed win 10 to see if it made a difference but it didn't. Has anyone else found it to help and if so were there any special steps you took in terms of drivers etc?

My specs:
i5- 4670k Oc'd
12gb ram


Jan 4, 2009
Interesting. I have just read an article in pc format magazine (I know so last century paper media) about this very subject. It does indeed look like dx12 does favour amd arcitecture!

Connor Caple

Slowest Racer in Town...
Nov 24, 2009
I'll give it a try. I'm getting 40-50fps on the default (probably Medium) settings. I tried turning Bloom off, but it made no difference - sometimes that has helped in the past in other games.

I have this system set to dual boot W7/W10 so it will be easy to check.

I think the game maybe needs some optimisation, or I need a new graphics card :)

(I run AC at over 100fps in AI races and hold a steady locked 60fps online with more detail turned on)

EDIT: Seems to be no different. Still hovering around the 45FPS mark on Windows 10 (Build 10041) with the 15.20.1012-150227n-180971E-ATI driver package.
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Radu Oros

Jul 25, 2014
You'll need to ask the person from this video why he could get such a fps difference between win8.1 and 10, check the video description about his specs and amd driver version.


Dec 10, 2013
Pretty sure DX12 isn't implemented in any preview of Windows 10 yet, dxdiag will say DX12 but it's not actually functioning. It will give better fps performance but the improvement comes more from using all the cores on a cpu rather than improvements to the gpu.

Connor Caple

Slowest Racer in Town...
Nov 24, 2009
I installed the latest AMD beta drivers on Windows 10, still see no improvement. If anything, it's worse.

It now won't let me choose 1080P @ 60hz and only offers 24hz, 50hz or 59hz and keeps wanting to run it windowed. :p

Found this quoting PCars devs about AMD support:


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