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wind simulator and Simhub

Like the simple and foolproof aspect of Simhub, I even did install a left/right chairshaker. So now for AC, (I drive mostly the 1937 and 1967 open cars) I want to shift to the next project the Wind simulator using foolproof Simhub software.
I do not have any knowledge but I have noticed some use an motorshield on top of the Arduino and some not.
Just scrol down in the links and you will notice this.

If I going to use Simhub, can I stil use this without the shield by using the power connection direct to the fan like @Insert Coin did?

Forget this Simhub if wanting a fan controlled device, use mr insert coin solution. https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/simhub-windsimulator-does-not-work.174209/
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