anyone know the server name? i have the password and i registered but dont find the server name.
SRO E-Sport, all rounds are open simultaneously, make sure you join with a 2018 spec Bentley @ Silverstone. You'll find all the info on the discord page where you got the password.
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yep, same here, shocking. I was clobbered in last year's tournament, but this is bizarre.
After doing many laps the best time i have done is 1:58:290 (it was around 2:00:xx at the time of my last post)and almost killed myself during that lap:confused: :D i have tested some setups and no matter what i change, if the TC is on 5 it's the same lol
The difference between TC=5 and TC=4 is killing me, i don't have the talent to drive the Bentley efficiently on TC4 but on TC=5 it's like a boat, Boatley lol