Willys Bino @ Hockenheim - Tues 2nd October

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Only the 5th-most famous race driver from Kerpen
Just to be clearer about my comment on driving standards.
They were in no way related to our crash Andreas, that was an accident, and at a time when the car's brakes were going bananas.
Well, sorry again, I really didn't think of you, Warren! As those incidents were obvious and we waited for each other.


I'll start with admitting my driving wasn't up to GTL Club standards yesterday, first of all because of me causing a -in retrospect- avoidable accident:( with Bob in T1 of Race 2, and failing to wait afterwards:redface: . Very unsportsmanlike, and for this I apologised to Bob after the race, which I'm glad he accepted.:notworthy:
Secondly, I too was guilty of some corner cutting, nothing structural but outside the white lines several times. I did not gain any positions by doing so, and it was very unintentional as my struggling with the car was a major factor, but still it's not how it should be..:unsure:

About the car then, I had a really really hard time adjusting my driving to this pretty little car, and even Rupe so kindly sharing his setups couldn't help me:cry: .
In fact, it wasn't until Q1 when in a do-or-die attempt I had loaded my favorite Alpine setup into this car that I could get it to -more or less- go where I wanted without spinning every lap.

And in R2 to me it became apparent that this car had even more in common with the Alpine than I thought, as like the Alpine A110 1100cc Mod Car done by the same Mod Team, this car is prone to brake failure.:(:cry:
Warned by others reporting high rear brake temps and fading in R1, I set Brake Bias slightly more to the front for R2, and was really gently on the brakes - no slamming and keeping an eye on brake temps whenever I could. Still in Lap 10, my right front disc blew causing me to spin several times under braking before I saw on XD what was going on and despite being really careful, the other front disc blew on the final lap, leaving me virtually brakeless..

The journey up to that point however, was a very pleasant one apart from said incident. Especially in R1 I had a some great fun, as there were 4 of us fighting closely for the lead for most of the race, and pretty clean too. In R2 things weren't all that clean, as I witnessed several other collisions around me and found myself trading some serious car door paint in a "desperate;)" overtaking manoeuver on Eck. I do think the nature of the car was partly the cause of the higher number of incidents, although of course that is no valid excuse..
Still I had good fun though, and if I unintentionally wronged anyone else in any way, I'm sorry..

Thanks Stuart for this event, and Knut for admin duties. It was good to see numbers were high too:thumbsup:
Grats to Rokas for the double, pity this didn't turn out to be a sweet ride for everyone of us..
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