Willys Bino @ Hockenheim - Tues 2nd October

Rupe Wilson

Brickyard Legends Team present :
Willys Bino MK1

this mod is made for Ney.Dias - a special friend/ member of the GTL community - who 's also driven the real thing and gives feedback for our mods :)

Bino Mark I numbers 21 & 22 from Equipe Willys.

The three original and unique cars made in 1967, were a development of the Alpine A108 called Interlagos, by the winner team "Equipe Willys", made in Brazil, with stronger engines (using all the european well successful physics from the french Alpine 1300 S), and beautiful bodies, under a design of the italian Toni Bianco, who design a lot of sport cars in his brasilian life.
It was called Bino Mark I. It won almost all races that it participated in Brasil, been one of the fastest cars at that time, racing against Simca Abarth, Porsche 356/911, Alfa GTA, Lotus 47, Ford Cortina and many other small cars from that time.
The creator of Equipe Willys years before (Bino Heinz), was a famous driver called Christian Heinz (nicked name as Bino), who died in "24 Heurs du Mans du 1963", driving for the official Renault France Team (Societe Automobile Alpine), in a Alpine A210 M63, #48, when his car crashed and burned at the end of Mulsanne straight, trying to dodge a car accident with 4 other cars. He was 28 years old at that time.
The mainly Bino's drivers in Brasil, were #21 (Carlos Pace) and #22 (Wilson Fittipaldi), although these cars were raced for Team Willys by various drivers including Emerson Fittipaldi . These 3 guys become F1 drivers years later. Unfortunately Carlos Pace died in an aircraft accident whilst driving for the Brabham F1 Team but Emerson became twice F1 world champion and twice winner of Indianapolis 500.

These 3 cars were known as "Bino MKI " in honour of Christian "Bino" Heinz.
Install at your GTC-65 cars and enjoy this delicious pocket rocket."

- the mod is linked to GTC65 class and the Renault Alpine A110.
- paint #48 is based on the Alpine A210 in which Cristian "Bino" Heins lost his life during LeMans 24hrs race - made as a tribute to him.
Hi Stu and all
please could you add me to race in Race 1 cant make for Race 2 sorry . Great car and track wide enough for you guys to overtake me lol


Rupe Wilson

I'm Back.. My Bino short t/t3 setup uses 720 deg of wheel rotation you can adjust as necessary
see you on track...:)
What a race..., 2 of them in fact. :)

Race 1: I started from a surprise pole. The first laps were crazy, but I remained in the mix despite dropping through the field. Afterwards I saw people passing me and then going wide and letting me pass again. Eventually I emerged in the lead. At that point just after mid race distance I though "I can win this, probably". Then Andreas came out of nowhere and took the lead. He was so quick that for the first time in the race I couldn't keep up. Then, unfortunately, a disaster struck him as he suddenly took the first corner way sharper then usual, cutting it in the process. I though "is that it?". I was certain that he got a penalty he then sort of moved over to leave me with the victory in the bag. Although there was one misterious guy :cautious: :D (Knut wasn't it?) closing in rapidly, but he just ran out of time. I think the difference was 0,02 or something. This left me with my first ever online race victory.

Race 2: I was so excided after the win that I qualified only in the midfield. That, actually, turned out to be a really good thing, because I didn't had to defend much and that calmed me down. Then early in the race there was a traffic jam at the hairpin which put me into the podium position. Afterwards I just cruised around for a bit to get into the rythm. Then....I caught up with leader and overtook him at the hairpin, just after entering "Stadium" section. And that was it. To help my cause the guy then spun, which left me cruising to victory once again (although others were not too far away as I was going extremely carefully in the final laps).

Who would have though that I was going to win once, let alone twice. And I behaved at the track pretty well, I would have though. So, a great night. This result won't repeat any time soon, so I'm gonna savor it or something :D

Once again thanks for having me, hope you all had fun (I know I had :)). And again commiserations to Andreas, he was the first race winner in my opinion. :)


Till we meet again...
Didn't enjoy the car that much, felt weird. Couldn't find the right time to brake all night, and couldn't slide it around nicely.

Was off the pace, but behind Warren and Eck in race 1. Eck swerved a bit in turn 1, and I hit him from behind. Sorry about that.
He passed me soon after, and I was driving alone till the end. Grabbed a few random spots, with Andreas and Rupe going off at the end.

Missed the start of race 2, sorry. Doing the Rally championship results, forgot the time.

Cheers all, see you next time.

Warren Dawes

An "interesting" event I suppose, but can't say I totally enjoyed this one.
For some reason I couldn't come to grips with the Willys, obviously just not my type of car. I stuffed around trying to find a descent setup, but ended up turning it into a loose oversteering mess for Race 1, which bit me a few times. For Race 2, I went back closer to default and found it a bit better. I found the brakes very tricky (even weird :confused: ), dunno if I was the only one. :unsure:

Overall, I found the driving standards a little below the usual GTL high/clean level too, again, maybe just me or the car contributing. :(

Apologies to Andreas for the tap in the hairpin (Race 2), but you managed to get your revenge a little later :p.

Thanks to all who joined and Stu for organising. :thumbsup:

Rupe Wilson

Good fun but, the cars started acting weird, i must of done so many laps on my own but in race conditions and pushing harder the brakes went all funny after 10 laps,,,both races
leading to the rears only working or the fronts not working at all leading to a spin at the slightest touch of brakes..i thought it was me but a few other had the same probs,
im a light breaker..
I made a couple of mistakes, sorry to people it involved. Bob, Ech..

but it was a bit aggressive in places and track limits were abused at times with no lifting after to show so. we all have the odd error,
but to gain an advantage like this is not fair and not in the spirit of GTL:(

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
I'm not liking these comments about driving standards and conduct, gents.

The things I won't accept are selfish, aggressive driving that spoils others enjoyment, and cheating by cutting when the majority of others are adhering to the rules.

Knut has mentioned 2 drivers to me whose conduct was unacceptable, so I'll be keeping an eye on them in future.

If you want to drive in events like that, public servers are available, but you won't be welcome here.

4 8 15 16 23 42 108

Only the 5th-most famous race driver from Kerpen
Great event! And I'm not beeing ironically!!!

In race 1, I fighted with several cars all over the place. Got passed and passed back as we all had our little faults. Somehow catched the lead and seemed to have it safe, but entering lap 11 in turn 1 the car immediatly went right on braking. The corner was just as my slide needed it to be. so I "cutted" it massively (in fact it was a huge slide with jumping over the cerbs sideways). Wanted to let Rokas pass me entering the straight, but in turn 2 rear passed me. In turn 3... In turn 4... You get it:(
Finished 6 with about a minute off in 2 laps! Last car around i think.

In race 2, I had less practice on the longer layout, but from fifth or so on the grid a came out 2nd after the hairpin pileup^^ Made several more mistakes than in race 1 and therefore only could watch top 4 or 5 "brawling" in a single cloud of cars! Awesome:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
I closed the gap and started attacking. Others fell back (maybe brakes?) and I was 3rd or so, then we entered lap 11...
Came home 5th, but hit Warren (see below), which was stupidly unneccessary:( Again last car running, which by numbers is a little low.

I found the brakes very tricky (even weird :confused: ), dunno if I was the only one. :unsure:

Apologies to Andreas for the tap in the hairpin (Race 2), but you managed to get your revenge a little later :p.
Yes, we played a little autoscooter there:laugh: Front brakes were fading too in this corner, so no chance for me. But unneccessary even to attack you, as I spun so much in this (I think) last lap. Sorry!
I remember I hit one more car, don't know the driver! SORRY MATE:(

The brake issues are more than just weird.
Rokas, what brake bias did you set? Others, were your front or rear brakes gone?
My brake bias was 53:47 and in race 2 53.5 or 54.

In both races my luck ended with the beginning of lap 11. And from then I spun in nearly every turn. Should have better off parked the car for good. But in club races, I think it is a form of respect to other (faster) drivers to end it even when running so awfully!
I hope I didn't ruin anyones race in the end. I had my first cut warning in lap 11 in race 1, which was not on purpose!

Thanks for organizing, Stu:thumbsup: And Rokas for the win!

Two things about rules and stuff:
1. I from my perspective did not see a single situation (where I was close, so I could see it at all), where drivers excessively cutted the track limits, played foul with hard manouvres and stuff! So thanks for all entering the race, I felt in great company!
2. I think people "reported" should be approached by PMs to make sure they know.
I hope it's not me? Please tell me then, and we can go over it. I tried to drive as soft/hard as others... (I am anxious, as I myself didn't feel attacked roughly, that's all - so maybe I took it to serious)

Warren Dawes

Please tell me then, and we can go over it. I tried to drive as soft/hard as others... (I am anxious, as I myself didn't feel attacked roughly, that's all - so maybe I took it to serious)
Just to be clearer about my comment on driving standards.
They were in no way related to our crash Andreas, that was an accident, and at a time when the car's brakes were going bananas.
My observations were more about opening laps of both races, you can usually see drivers intentions on display in lap 1. Both races had lots of carnage in lap 1. My concerns were more related to some aggressive dive-bombing down the inside approaching a hairpin, and lots of very poor re-entries after drivers went off track. On more than one occasion, I spun or slid badly trying to avoid someone who charged back on track dangerously in front of me.

So, just a reminder about some basic courtesies and awareness, to ease any future risks. :)
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