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Williams Launch 2021 Challenger

Williams Racing has launched the FW43B, their 2021 challenger.
  • They presented renders on Friday afternoon of the new car in a brand new livery.
  • The FW43B will be driven by an unchanged pairing of George Russell and Nicholas Latifi.
  • Unfortunately the team had to abandon plans to present the car via augmented reality after their app was attacked by hackers.
The car features an aggressive-looking new livery, featuring an unchanged white base, but with orange highlights and two shades of blue used to create a striped pattern on the rear of the car.

This year will be the first time in the team's history that it has begun the season without its founding Williams family at the helm. American investment group Dorilton Capital took over the team in August. The team has since taken on Jost Capito as CEO, who previously headed up Volkswagen's motorsport programme:

“Williams Racing is a sporting icon, and a team that has forged a reputation of success through sheer determination and grit intertwined with innovation, passionate and skilful race-craft and an absolute desire to win.
“Highs and lows are typical in any long-established sporting brand’s journey and historic success can be a strong motivator, but it cannot be relied upon to define future success in the modern era of Formula 1.
“Therefore, we have created a fresh new livery for the 2021 car; one that acknowledges our incredible past and retains the spirit, drive and motivation that remains at the core of Williams’ DNA yet looks to the future and signposts our long-term ambition to return to the front of the grid.
“Whilst we are just starting out on this journey and there is still a lot of work to do, we are happy to see momentum in the right direction and look forward to continuing that progress on track this season.”


The team will also enjoy having Jenson Button onboard the team, having returned to Grove in the capacity of an advisor. Like most of the cars on this year's grid, there are mainly just subtle changes to last year's challengers, aside from the floor.

With that being said, the team did enjoy an improvement in performance as last season went on, and no doubt they will have worked tirelessly this winter to try and keep that run of development form going into preseason testing.

We will be able to enjoy seeing the FW43B take to the track in Bahrain next week, with three of its drivers set to test. Its driver line up for this season, George Russell and Nicholas Latifi will of course feature, as well as the team's test driver Roy Nissany.



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If you want to save the planet, drive fast !
It feels like a Lavazza package :roflmao: but why not, better than Martini I don't get why you'd advertise driving and alcohol it's a terrible idea.....but money I know :rolleyes:
Hats off to Williams, again they beat Haas ... in the race to the bottom. The new Haas livery looks awful but Williams took it even further.
Looks like it would be time consuming and costly to paint that engine cover.
Maybe they should have gone for a solid color and spent the money elsewhere.

Matthew Allington

Wham!ming into Spanish rocks
What a mess. I'm amazed that the corporate executives thought "yes this is an excellent livery"!

As some have already said, the front and the rear don't match at all - and neither match with the brand identity on their website/merch! It all looks simultaneously busy yet boring and empty.

The number font is a particularly sore point for me - it's 30 years out of date and clashes horribly with the modern livery and modern, sans serif fonts of Williams and their sponsors.

I can think of a fair few RaceDepartment members who could do better!
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Nick Hill

Obviously it's a matter of taste, but I think it's a nice looking car. Not an all time classic, but far from ugly.

These cars are so ungainly in proportions that, if you go too much monocolor, they start to look very inelegant. I'm sure others think the exact opposite, but that's how it goes!
The only positive thing about this new livery is that we won't see it much on race day. This is simply horrible. They have no major sponsor, and thus no real obligation to use a specific colour scheme, and they come up with this nonsense? In a way, it sums up the last couple of years of Williams very well...
I think everyone missed the fact that these images are just 3D renders!! On track the car will look just as bad as the rest because so far we have really poor livery designs imo. The only team that has managed to improve slightly on the look is McLaren but only thanks to Daniels new helmet
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