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Williams FW 15, F1 1993 Skin

Skins Williams FW 15, F1 1993 Skin 1.5

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Danilo-cs submitted a new resource:

Williams FW 15, F1 1993 Skin - Williams Skin from Mod F1 1993 Da sim Race Updated development

Hi i am Danillo!


This skin update is the first time I've made it available to you. Despite this, it was a meticulous and perfectionist work on my part to make the skin as close to reality as possible.

This skin is by Williams FW15 from the 1993 season, one of the favorite paintings of Formula 1.

The mod is from the Sim Race, but unfortunately it's not currently available for purchase anymore.

Skin came with terrible graphics flaw and...

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Almost all Sim Dream Development mods were more or less not legal (with the annoying error in the skin being that the head/face of the driver was visible above the car, see attachment).
At the time i didn't know that they were illigaal.

That's why I'm glad you took the time to tackle the skins.

But now they are back with the great mod: Sim Dream Development Assetto Corsa Grand Prix 2021 Mod.


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    26-9-2021 11-33-55.jpg
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Lol....this is crazy!
I didn't know the mod was "illegal" before. But it really looks like mod free for lack of quality in several sectors I've tested.
I've never seen this happen, is this mod in the photo 1992 or 1993?