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Misc Willams Martini Real Steering Wheel 1.0

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adrian pozuelo ruiz submitted a new resource:

Willams Martini Real Steering Wheel - Willams Martini Real Steering Wheel

Real Steering Wheel for Williams like RedBull, using the 2012 Toro Rosso base in SD (HD soon):

Soon more steering wheels update.

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Graham Laing

Retired Staff
I don't think that can replace for the original flies....

No ..... but when you install a mod using the RMM, it backs up the original files. When you click to uninstall the mod, it puts the original files back.

My post was not designed to fix his current problem, but to stop the problem occurring in the future.

Cheers :)
I tried this and I saw that the steering wheel is crossed by the steering column, that´s why the helmet looks so much forward than its original position. By the way, great job.