Will Kinect be incorporated for F1 2011?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Bradley Capps-Jenner, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Bradley Capps-Jenner

    Bradley Capps-Jenner

    The Xbox 360 Kinect system can be used in many different ways, but will it be included in F1 2011? I can see this being a future development in terms of celebration. Forza Motorsport 4 is putting it in as camera movement feature, where you turn your head to see other drivers, or the apex of the corner, as far as I know kinect won't be used for F1 2011, but I can see it being a development for the future,
  2. Justin Webley

    Justin Webley

    By Christmas Kinect will not only be for the Xbox but also for PC's to. The SDK's have been shipped out to many games companies. Good times regardless of its inclusion for F1 2011.
  3. Ryan Sylvester

    Ryan Sylvester

    i bloody hope not!! it will only be steering Like forza 3, unless they are planning to incorporate moving your arms away and towards your body as the accelerator/brake as they did in that kiddy kinect racer game i got with my kinect last Christmas.. rubbish i've done 1 lap!

    i honestly believe that an official xbox wheel may be coming out especially with Forza 4 and F12011 coming out this year. it would mean more sales for microsoft and would make sense that way.

    now if they could incorporate kinect like you say with moving your head etc, with the use of a steering wheel.. that could well be immense, is that what they are planning for Forza4??

    People will buy kinects regardless of if it worked on f1 or not. people can't do Zumba all by themselves! lol.

    obviously this is just my opinion though
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