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Will Heusinkveld Pedals/Shifter+Handbrake work with Fanatec DD2 system on Xbox


I am looking to purchase a sim set up, i've been playing Assetto Corsa on Xbox for a long time with a controller but i played on a awesome motion sim recently and since then i've been saving up to buy myself a nice sim set up.

I'm looking at using a Fanatec DD2 mounted to a SimLab P1X Cockpit, Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals, Heusinkveld Shifter+Handbrake does anyone know if i can connect the Heusinkveld products to the DD2 through the USB's provided on DD2. i would ideally still like it to be backwards compatible with Xbox so that i can race my friends on there as well as buying a PC soon so that i can enjoy all the features that the online modding commuity now have to offer.

Thanks In Advance for any help
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