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Why we need Update for F1 2012 - Our Thoughts

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by UnknownJJ, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. UnknownJJ


    There are some things/bugs that i find annoying in F1 2012

    Drying racing line
    - in F1 2010 you could clearly see the drying racing line getting better every lap after the rain. i dont see it anymore in F1 2012. Suddenly track is Dry!

    On light rain no grip on Monsoon tires
    -its like driving with option tyres in monsoon weather. Even if a track seems to be getting wetter. Sometimes ruins my races completely when no grip at all.

    Track is still wet and AI chance option tyres
    -No drying racing line and its raining! i dont want to chance my intertyres! its wet! my eyes dont lie! haha :D But still AI is 15 - 20sec faster than me with options...

    No chance on Tyre wearing on 25%-100%
    - well one of the key elements is off in 25% races. I can drive whole race with option tyres. Luckily you can chance tyre wearing easily with ryders database editor.

    Safety Car dont deploy...for me?
    - not a single safety car hasnt deployed for me even in monaco when i and couple other drivers crashed and blocked the turn completely for 15-20secs. :D

    Cars that have crashed are too fast cleaned off the track.
    - Maybe that is why we dont see Safety Car?

    Flag system is still broken
    - haha it was your fault! even if a car before you did spin and you crashed in to him.
    Caused collision flags are just a joke. There are also some bugs in corner cutting also.

    Suspension Setup for Wet and Dry track is broken
    - Higher suspension setup is quicker on dry weather and Lower setup is better for Wet?

    Not realistic spinning.
    - Just go flat out through the corners even if your head says no. AI does and thats why they are sometimes 2-3secs quicker than you. Dont worry the car wont spin.

    I am not saying that F1 2012 is completely broken or i expected it to be realistic but i think that some of these problems should be easily fixed because they were included in last F1 games. These are just what came in to my mind. I would like to know what you think should be fixed in update for F1 2012. My English isnt perfect so try to hold on! ;)
  2. IL_TOM


    For the racing line and the lose of grip with monsoon as the track is drying I am completely with you. It's really difficult for the player make right decisions in wet races.
    About suspensions setup... Are you sure that higher is best for wet and lower for dry? If so, is a bug. I'll try...
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  3. Louis Wedding

    Louis Wedding

    I agree about the weather, when it's dry and starts raining it takes far to long for the track to get wet enough to switch to inters or wet tyres, the same also applies when it stops raining and it's sunny for 6+laps but the track is still wet with no drying line. Overall it takes far too long for the weather have any affect.
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  4. AndyScarbro94


    I was beginning to think these problems were just happening to me. Two races in a row have started with a high percentage chance of rain. When the rain comes, the engineer still tells me it's ten minutes or more away. So it's pouring down for five laps and the track seems to stay dry and no-one pits. Quite frustrating, sort of wishing I hadn't bought the game now.
  5. Pedro diniz

    Pedro diniz

    The wet weather simulation is very poorly implemented. In 2011 it was pretty good but now at least for full length races is isn't usable because of so many different bugs. For instance when your inters fall of the cliff despite the weather appearing to improve and the engineer says others are going better on wets - I check the race director and no their all on inters and going like the clappers. They don't change for another 2 laps by which time I've got out and swum back to the pits for a set of wets. And then we have 12 laps of wet track with a tropical sun beating down.
  6. JvMr


    I just saw I got some download in steam for the game less than 10mins ago, ~70mb.
    Anyone else? Some patch..? #3? :)
  7. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    Retired Staff Premium

    Yeah it looks like it, no details in Steam yet .....

    Product Version is now

    Game Version text is now - const char * version = "Master Universal.818459 28/09/2012 12:50 "; unsigned int versionNumber = 818459;

  8. Berserker99


    Got patch 3 no use, weather system is ruining the game for me. Sunny but raining? Flickering textures when this happens also. I really like the F1 series but they need to stop the annual release cycle if they can't implement significant improvements minus game breaking bugs.
  9. Andy_J

    PC Veteran Gamer and Biker. Premium

    Why did they go backwards with this game? F1 2010 was good with patches, F1 2011 was getting better, but this is going backwards. Strange.