why no free look?

Free look or free move, would love to be able to tweak my fov ..sense of speed ..seat forward/backward settings. Can editing cam files achieve this?
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You can assign buttons in controller config to move the seat forward.
You can change the FOV too, I think it's in display settings somewhere.
Can't fire it up atm to check exactly where the option is but it's there.
Yeah thanks for the reply.
I know about the seat back and forth, fov adjustments and multiview settings.
I know that mycalculated fov is around the 32 mark, but i find i am disconnected in regards to sense of speed, more so in tin top mods etc.
I understand that there is only one correct fov, get used to it etc, but i find i loose the fun factor when up so close to the windshield.
I like to run at between 45 and 50 fov with seat fully forward, the sense of speed is great fun, probably not correct for the educated, but i like it, feels right. Just dont want to see as much of the dash that i do. If i lower the fov to 32 i feel like i am sitting above the front wheels when steering and just feel disconnected.
Ive tried to get used to it but really dont like it.
Would be good if i could set my fov between 45 and 50 move my seat fully forward and then some.
It would be nice if it was possible to edit this seat fully forward position by some means.
Open wheelers fair better with me at lower fov, but tin tops, probably due to seeing less terrain flying past etc just seem slower.
Wow stop writing now.
Right after some playing around.
Triple screen multiview on, 6040x1080 res.
Sitting 600 mm from eyes to monitor, side monitors at 40 deg from a straight line of three.
Seat position is middle, so zero forwards or backwards and zero up down. (Default)
If I select default fov in say the mini then the left and right displays are bent out and forwards looking ridiculous.
Fov calculators put me at 31 vertical fov.
However I have decided that 29 is perfect for scaling, straight cockpit lines etc. Looks great but I just can't get used to driving like this. I feel disconnected from the whole experience.
Adjust the fov out to 40 and I have fun and enjoy the racing, speed and distance feels accurate, but my cockpit view becomes distracting as once again the side monitors start pushing out and forward.
Selecting around 50 is awesome, probably a little inaccurate for any real racing perfectionists.
If I turn off multiview then the side monitors become stretched and the cockpit visually distracts. I have to lift my fov up to around 50 in this mode.
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Experimenting with only 1 monitor at 1920 x1080, default fov is about the equivalent triple multiview at a 50 fov.(comparing image of center monitor and same speed etc when driving.
So I guess what I'm saying is that even single screen users trying to gain a realistic image would neeto lower fov to the mid to high 20's, which would return the (IMO) slow speed/wrong driving feel that I can't get used to.
Yet when I look at single screen gameplay YouTube's it appears everyone drives with this larger and by default ( I think around the 50 mark) fov.
I can't use this 50 fov in triple screen multiview as it distorts the side monitors there for forcing me to lower my fov to 29 and bringing back my lack of feel/speed issue.
So I'm left with either correct cockpit view and disconnected from game or game feeling great to drive but a warped cockpit.
Could someone with triple monitors using multiview please confirm that selecting default fov causes the cockpit side monitor images to bend right outwards and forwards, in a mini I can look to my right and virtually see where the backseat would be. If this game had the adjustments like Assetto corsa then I would just swing the image inwards using the triple screen app until the picture is correct.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Afaik Multiview expects your side monitors to be at 45 degree angle.

That's how it was in rFactor 1 & I don't think Reiza have tweaked it in any way so far.

As for the correct fov. I'd try & stick with it between 30-35 for your setup.
It might take a while to get used to, but it's worth it.