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Why is there nobody playing online?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Nickbez, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Nickbez


    Can any one tell me when I go on the Rfactor 2 severs there is not many people playing it? Sometimes only 15 people? I don’t get it!
  2. Alen Pecanin

    Alen Pecanin

    I dont get it either.. it seems a lot of people only play at weekends... on mondays the servers are almost all empty.. its only going down on the weekends.. tonight there was so little people that I went to practice in single player a bit.. I believe that there'll be a lot of people tomorrow?
  3. Stefan Woudenberg

    Stefan Woudenberg

    Why people don't race online with rFactor2? In my opinion the best sim out there?
    A very good question! Where I don't have the answer to... sadly...

    Just a few thoughts...

    1St thing might be that the game is still not gold and has still some bugs.

    People are like sheep? If 1 sheep crosses the bridge the others follow.....

    Like signing up for races. You wanna race but don't sign up, 'cause you don't wanna be the first? I bet if people sign up others will follow and sign up aswell. The club races are really fun and to my experience very clean. On TS we have great laughs and that adds to the racing fun enourmously.

    Maybe the track/car combination is not appealing/suitable? If you don't know the track you need to practise and if you don't have time for that.....

    Or the car is fragile and hard to handle everyone crashes out way before the finish. Most know this and just don't bother.

    When an alien posts his alien lap times it scares people off..."Oh I am way too slow, so no way I can have a nice battle/competition" or if a slower guys sign up and posts his times, aliens may think: "I won't have anyone to battle with, not gonna bother..."...

    There are probably many more arguments...hard track... hard car.... hard to setup the car right.... Il ike the track but hate the car... Love the car but hate the track.... etc etc etc
  4. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    Have to disagree here that all the things you listed are more true to rf2 than for any other game.
    I also disagree about the rf2 beeing the best sim statement, but that is highly subjective anyway and doesn't matter so much :)

    Most obvious reason for online not beeing too populated imo would be the complicated rfmod system + the collision physics and other things beeing not good enough for online racing at this stage. There are also not many people in general playing rf2 at the moment, as some basic features are not working correctly or are not even activated yet.

    All this should get better over time anyway.
  5. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    R3E & AMS Club Manager Staff Premium

    I put it down to the fact that it's a very unfinished beta. That's the reason I'm not interested in racing it online right now anyway. Many people aren't even interested in paying good money for beta software too. Yes it's good, yes it has massive potential, but it just isn't there yet.

    Once it's gone gold, has all the promised features and has had the vast majority of it's bugs squashed, the crowds will arrive.
  6. Kjell Eilertsen

    Kjell Eilertsen

    Got to agree with Ross, the beta state of the game is why I'm not playing it at all and asking for a refund. It seems very promising and I'll be picking it up when it's gone gold but until then I'm staying away. Found the patching and mod system very confusing too.
  7. David Ignjatovic

    David Ignjatovic

    IMO, the F35 compared to GSC F3 has half as much grip, so this either makes GSC arcade or rf2 nuts.
    F35 defies it's form factor and has ice physics where it's high DF package[physical and selected ingame] allows the car to spin like a Frisbee.

    No wonder people aren't driving this weird game.
  8. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    Founder Staff Premium

    That is what I don't understand really. You know you are joining a beta that you have to pay for and if the beta feels like a beta people ask for a refund :)

    And when its going gold you are bringing the same money back to them to purchase the finished game or how does that work?

    Really don't get it as it only seems like extra work for everybody.
  9. Kjell Eilertsen

    Kjell Eilertsen

    I don't mind playing a unfinished game, it's just that in its current state playing it was so frustrating to me so I wound up playing other things instead. I did however really really like the feel on physics and ffb so I will for sure return once the game is finished. By asking for a refund I also made it possible for myself to pick up rFactor1 instead, so ISI will get my money nonetheless (without the refund I wouldn't have been able to buy it now, not soon and maybe not ever due to other games being released).
  10. Stefan Mizzi

    Stefan Mizzi

    In my case, rF2 is progressing slowly, few mods, and most tracks are still in beta. Some tracks are awesome though. However, I do enjoy the current content, especially the RD Clio fun races are awesome :)

    But recently I am racing mostly on pCars, so for me, pCars stole the scene for the moment ;)

    I do participate in rF2 fun races, but I don't go everyday to race on rF2. Guess when it progresses, I'll spend more time on it.
  11. Ho3n3r


    It has a lot of potential. But for me, the current state is not nearly as complete as other sims around.

    It should really get better - but there's no guarantee of that, and at the current rate of progress, I just got a refund.

    The reason I tried it is that I read some views on it and it didn't seem all that bad, but once I tried it, it frankly did not feel authentic to me at all, and the mod system is a mess. rFactor 1 still has all the cards here.

    So once it goes gold, people like me will look here for views again, and if there is a big improvement, I will buy it again :D

    I also got a refund so I could buy another more complete game with that same money.