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PC2 Why is the speed limited when you drive in the 'wrong' direction in practice mode?

I posted this on Steam too so I'm just doing some copy+paste here but I thought someone might have a solution for this on this site.

Ok, this might sound like a silly question but here it goes. I love this game, my favorite racing game ever, it's absolutely amazing in VR, career mode and races are great but my favorite part about the game, by far, is to just pick out a car, random weather, accelerated cycle day-night and drive like I would drive in real life, drive for the simple pleasure of driving.

The problem with this is that there's only 2 open roads, 3 actually with the scottish one that is classified as a circuit though it's a normal road. I don't really care about the other tracks, to be honest, I like normal roads the most. They're quite long and that's great but I'd love it if I could run those three tracks in reverse. I read that for licensing reasons the competition tracks can't be run in reverse, which is fine, but I don't understand why you can't do that with those 3 tracks. Well, actually, you can, I just turn around before reaching the end of the 20km and drive the other way which for me adds a lot of replayability to the game. The problem is that when I do that the car's speed is limited for some reason which totally sucks as you can't run past 100km/h or so and that ruins the fun of driving that way.

Does anybody know if that can be changed or the reason why that happens? I'd love it if I could fix it somehow, for me being able to drive twice as many km would add a lot to the game. It's a private race in practice mode, I don't see the harm in allowing to drive the 'wrong' way.

By the way, I'm probably alone with this but I'd happily pay the price of the full game for a DLC including 500 km of normal open roads that I could drive for hours, it would be unbelievable. There's enough racing games out there, I wonder why there's not a single game where you can just drive like that.

If anybody knows of any mods that add open roads please let me know, I've searching on line but no luck.

Anyway, I totally love this game, driving a Porsche in VR in the rain is just amazing!

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