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why is my teammate so slow?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by tifosi_pao, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. tifosi_pao


    here's my teammate's ave quali and race positioning:

    1st season team lotus: Q = 20-24 R = same (understandable)
    2nd season williams: Q = 18-22 R = 15-22 (and thats rubens)
    3rd season lotus-renault: Q = 17-15 R = 18-13 (w/ petrov, 5 races in)

    why o why?!
  2. nrs


    Same problem here man, I'm racing Force India and my mate is Adrian Sutil and has collected ridiculous 2 points through the whole season, often doesn't make it through Q1 and in race finishes well down the field like 15-20. I don't expect he would be in top 10 every race, but man Force India have few decent races this year, so I would expect something more real than stupid 2 points and fighting for positions with Lotus etc.
  3. Chris Hazeldine

    Chris Hazeldine

    Williams and Force India are tiered just above the 3 new teams, but behind Sauber and Torro Rosso. Doesn't quite fit with real life but that's how it is.

    Tier 1 - McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari
    Tier 2 - Mercedes and Renault
    Tier 3 - Sauber and Torro Rosso
    Tier 4 - Force India and Williams
    Tier 5 - Lotus, Virgin and HRT.

    They will move about in season 2 and onwards though depending on your finishing position. For example NRS, if you stay with FI into season 2 then you will bump up to Tier 3 in place of Sauber or Torro Rosso (whoever did worse in season 1), and Sutil will be more competitive then. Same thing with Rubens for you tifosi.

    It might not be perfect, but hopefully if you understand it you can enjoy the game for what it is.
  4. Wojciech Grabowski

    Wojciech Grabowski

    Yes, you are right, but why in my career Rubens is always 18th when Force Indias are fighting for points sometimes. Rubens is not anytime. Oh, sorry, just once... In Q1 in Turkish GP he did lap 0,5 faster then everyone else. But before and after this he is 18th everywhere.

    I'm wondering, maybe somewhere in Database there is a lane that changing "good day chance" to 0 for driver that is ur teammate...
  5. Veselko Lakobrija

    Veselko Lakobrija

    I have noticed the same thing fellas. However, im in my 2nd season, with williams again and Rubens is all of a sudden top 10 driver each race, well the 3 i had so far. Will see more after some forum browsing.

    Thank you Chris for answering my question before i even asked it. Question was what does the tiers look like in F1 2011? Just so i dont sign season 3 with top tier team...
  6. Lukas Macedo

    Lukas Macedo

    I'm on my second season, with virgin. Somehow Timo Glock is managing to get 13th/16th every race (4 races so far). Considering the car (at least my car) does not have kers, I find his results impossible to achieve or match. On the first season I was always a second or two ahead of him. Another thing that is happening is that the whole team really believe I should finish 13th on races where the car pace (my pace) is still around 18th place, without kers that's the best you can hope.

    Anyone experiencing this?
  7. Michael Brown

    Michael Brown

    I'm still in my first season (I've doing online races for weeks but now I'm focusing on my career). I've so far been able to consistently beat Trulli (he's never outraced me, even when I finished 21st), and the Virgins, HRTs, and either a Williams or Force India. I have at least a half second faster than Trulli and the rest of the backmarkers. I'm playing Expert, no assists, Legend AI.
  8. Louis Wedding

    Louis Wedding

    I've been in all the top 3 cars in career mode so far and my team mates (other than vettel) all struggled to be competitive. When I was at Ferrari, Alonso would qualify 8th/9th most of the time and often finished outside the points, Hamilton is similar at the moment for Mclaren but he manages to finish in the points.

    I'm not the only one who has this problem as one of my mate also joined ferrari and his team mate is quite often well down