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Why formula truck racing?

Pär Öqvist

Feb 17, 2012
As a game stock car fan I just bought these out of curiousity. I have great fun with ETS 2 just running along not racing.

But after trying formula truck 2013 after getting a new serial key I wonder what people find fun with these cars... They have the most amazing understeer ever. You generally have to brake well ahead of 200 metres. And if you ever manage to get oversteer which is so much more fun then understeer it´s snap oversteer? As a race car it does all faults you can imagine so what is fun with them? Close racing don´t seem to be that easy but I guess slipstreaming should be very effective. When not on the limit they can be fun to just stroll around with but racing on the limit dunno.

I run stock setups anybody have something that could win me over and give them some kind of balance?


Jun 29, 2013
I understand they are not everyone's cups of tea. It's all about throwing them around the corners and steering with the throttle. They are very drivable - and yes, they have understeer - they are trucks after all - but the racing is usually very close, and when you get it right they are a blast to take around a track. You just have to race them like trucks, not GT cars. Put it this way - if you can tame the truck, you can race almost anything else.

And proof that the racing can be hectic and fun - these videos use footage from Ftruck events here at RD


Jul 30, 2010
well, if you expect it to behave like F1 cars, most definitely you are going to be disappointed. it is a truck, it weighs around 5 tons, remember. of course it is going to carry lots of inertia into the corners. this IS fun as far as I am concerned. :)


May 17, 2014
as has already been said, its a truck. don't try driving it like its not.

back up the braking zones

concentrate on getting the power down on corner exit. (and say hello to mr oversteer)

if you're just jumping into it from something else it can take a while to adjust, but once it clicks its awesome. (also i use the base set with minimum changes, it seems ok)


Oct 12, 2010
I wonder what people find fun with these cars...
Allow me to answer that question without explaining to you how awfully wrong is to confuse trucks with open wheelers :)

What I love so much about those monsters is they are very challenging, and I do find much joy in fighting with a car - "playing" with it, if you prefer. Every time when I'm virtually in those cars I'm again 12 years old with a big grin of his face. Other things that helped me develop my love for this game are the sounds (driving 'em with your headphones is a real blast) - I get goosebumps every time those big fat tyres scrubbing on the road's surface - this doesn't allow you to forget how heavy car you're in control of. Other thing is the physics, which you, sadly, don't seem to like at all...

I'm always trying not to be a killjoy, and give something I don't like a second chance - you should definitely do that as well, because the game deserves it.

Forever respect for Reiza for bringing this series to life :thumbsup:


May 17, 2014
i use 30 degrees with 540. 900 doesn't seem to feel right with my wheel.

actually if theres anyone out there that wants to drive the trucks but is really struggling, if i'm free i'd be happy to jump into a public multiplayer session and give you some pointers. (i'm no alien, but i can probably help with the basics)
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I hate VR. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Oct 2, 2010
I love these trucks but with out low aids (mainly low stab) I just cannot drive them.
When driving in offline races I love em. I do use low stab and low TC only but I enjoy it that way.

Sam Smith

Mar 19, 2013
Is there any way we could organise a truck training day? No racing, just practicing how to handle these delights. I do ok and would be happy to pass on anything i know. I am in Australia though so that might affect when i can help out. Just seems like a fair amount of people like the idea of truck racing but get put off when they can't get them to turn and stop.
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