Why does my GSC Sync.exe keep stopping?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Sk3ptik0n, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Sk3ptik0n


    I have been trying to download the new Extreme build and it seems that every 5 minutes or so I monitor the Sync app and it is stopped. "Sync has stopped".

    I restart it, goes on for a while and then it stops again.

    I started seeing this with 150mb to go and now, over an hour later I am at 140mb to go..

    It's a bit frustrating.

    I have 14 minutes left according to it. An hour ago I had about 20 minutes left. If it didn't keep stopping I'd be done, but do I really need to keep it in the foreground all the time and look at it?
  2. Troy Barman

    Troy Barman

    I had some Camaro skins that the sync failed to overwrite so it would just go in a constant loop, could check the GSC Sync text document to see if it'll show you any errors.
  3. Emerson Meyer

    Emerson Meyer
    Keep Fighting

    It´s not a solution, but try to download the whole package instead.
    I have used the Sync app yesterday, without any problem.
  4. Paul Monaf

    Paul Monaf

    mine is not working anyone got a suggestion pls
  5. Vantoil Lima Jr

    Vantoil Lima Jr

    For this update I run the sync app as admin and let it during the day.

    I saw in the morning about the update and then in the lunch time I went home (as always) and let it there. After lunch the files comparison had ended and then I clicked for update the game, then at night, after work I saw it had updated.

    It was really slow, but you need to start it and let for some minutes (20 minutes in my case), then click to start download and let it go all the way. Maybe try this when you go to sleep.

    My internet connection is not that good, maybe with a really fast internet you won't have problems.
  6. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios Premium

    We´re looking into the Sync issues. In the meantime you might want to consider downloading the full v1.15 installer.
  7. Morello


    When mine stopped I changed the transfer type between the three options until it continued. Active FTP ended up working fine - of course that may have been coincidence.
  8. Achim Ennenbach

    Achim Ennenbach

    As Morello already wrote, there are 3 connectiontypes: "FTP passive", "FTP active" and HTTP. By default the sync uses "FTP passive".
    • "FTP passive" means that the ports used to transfer files are chosen by the server. This can be an issue for some of you as they might have limited the ports to use for this protocol in their routers.
    • With "FTP active" you can limit the port range used to transfer files to a certain range (by default 1024- 5000) and to open up that portrange in the router.
    • HTTP means that the sync tries to connect via HTTP protocoll to the server.
    While there are up to 4 parallel "FTP" transfers, HTTP transfers are limited to 1 at a time.

    Those who expirience issues with "FTP passive", should first try to switch to "FTP active" and in case that doesn't help use "HTTP".
    Keep in mind that not all connectiontypes might be available depending on the capabilities of the used server, because not all sync servers support FTP and/or HTTP transfers.

    How to switch transfertype (and other options):
    1. Run "GSC Sync" and directly click on the "Start/Stop" button.
    2. From the menu "Options->Connectiontype" select the desired on.
    3. Click on "Start" to continue syncing.