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Why are you playing AC and not playing ACC

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Why are you playing AC and not playing ACC?
(I play AC because my computer is weak.)
I put hundreds of hours in ACC last year. Best racing sim out there.....

But besides virtual racing I also love cruising on mountain roads (both in real life and virtual) so nowadays I spend more time in AC doing this......bit less stressful too :D

There will be a time when I'll go back to ACC ready to race again
There are many reasons I gave up on ACC a long time ago, but the three main ones are:

1.) I hate the graphics. Maybe I just don't have a good enough system to make it look it's best, but I think the game looks horrible.

2.) I'm an offline guy and the AI stinks.

3.) No Nords.
Because ACC's content is boring to be personally. I do not like to be limited to just current GT3 and GT4 cars. I never bothered to download modded cars for AC as I feel like most of them aren't even good but track mods are amazing and I have tons of fun with just the original Kunos cars on different tracks.

I also love the selection of original cars that Kunos gave us, we had vintage and modern GT cars and timeless classics like Mclaren F1 GTRs, Porsche GT1, Mazda 787b and then when you are feeling for something different, hop on the Lotus 98T which is a good representation of legendary cars in 80s F1 like the Mclaren MP4/4 which is rarely seen licensed in any good Sim.

Also, AC has a laser-scanned Nordscheleife, no sim is complete without the Nordschleife imo.
To be fair, I occasionally enjoy a bit of ACC sometimes. We shouldn't forget that Kunos has delivered what we have missed for some Years- A Sim that accurately simulates a whole series, with all it's Tracks and Cars, instead of the somehow scattered content of AC. On the other Hand, I simply don't have enough dedication to drive thousands of Laps around Monza in a GT3, just to squeeze those last 0.0001 seconds out.
I can, however, drive thousands of Laps around Fonteny in a Lotus 49:D.