Who wins in world trophy Hungarian GP?

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Reece Christofer

As in the top tier of formula-simracing the WC, Who will win in the World Trophy category at the hungarian gp?!.

With so many contenders for top 5 positions even outside of the top 10 drivers standings who is your top 5 choice.

mine are as follows: with grid penalties from other thread taken into consideration.

1: Pedro Melim
2: Allar Foht
3: Ben Phillips
4: Mark Aalberts
5: Raino Room
Not gonna vote hehe, but i reckon pmo guys will be fast once again so Melim Foht ofcourse up front and Ben as outsider. I dont like this track at all so dont put money on me. And i wouldnt be suprised if some of the Back of the grid starters will find their way to the front. And checked im allocated :)
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