Who is the winner of the Simracing Extreme Cockpit X?

Last weekend the RD MINI Challenge by Simracing Extreme had it's final two races of the season. With the closure of another great series of racing also comes the moment of truth: the big raffle for the grand prize!

All the drivers of this years esports event who finished the season are eligible to participate. The amount of points each racer scored during the season are transferred into tickets for the raffle (you will find the numbers below as an attachment) to win the $1100 dollar rig Simracing Extreme provided as the title sponsor.

We will now draw the truly random number via random.org to decide the outcome of the raffle and the winner is <drumrole drumrole>: Kreshnik Halili:thumbsup:

Congrats @Kresh with your amazing prize! We hope you will have many safe miles in your new rig which will be delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible!

We hope you have all enjoyed the season of the RD MINI Challenge and we hope to welcome both the drivers and the fans for a new edition soon. Stay tuned to the front page for the final race reports and the highlights of the final races as they are memorable to say the least.


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Dec 26, 2006