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Who is the fastest of the non WDC drivers?

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
Of the F1 drivers on the grid. Setting aside previous WDC winners. Who is the fastest?
tough call between Ricciardo and Bottas, if it was 2013 you could add Hulkenberg as well, but since this year he has been really average, yes he destroyed Perez but at the same time, Hulkenberg couldn't be the one to get the podium at Bahrain, and wasn't the one who could have won in Canada. So for that reason its down to Dan and Bot, Ricciardo shown a 4 time champion the door and Bot beat Massa, Ricciardo looked best IMO so has to be him :) should put the poll up next year I am interested in how it will change

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
Yes it sets the scene for 2015 in a way.
It also begs the question..why on earth did Ferrari not sign the Hulk?
It's Bottas all the way. Ricciardo may be capable of executing Mansell-like overtakes and he
definitely is the oppurtunitism-man, but still he lacks, in my opinion, the ferocity that Bottas shows
when he has a good setup. Furthermore it was clear that Williams was only beter than Red Bull
towards the end of the season. As for Hulkenberg, lets hope he'll have a better season next
I'll vote for Nico (Hulkenberg).
Hulkie for me, is remind me to Rosberg and Alonso in the past. he's a very good driver who can utilise and maximize the potential even he's in the cr*p car. look at his performance in the past season in Willams, Force India and (especially) Sauber. that's how the best driver is supposed to be IMO.
i'll always hope to see him in the bigger teams.

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
The voting is very even.
I would say that there are 3 very good drivers there.
Only 1 has been left without a race winning seat and I think thats a shame.
I blame Ferrari. They will overpay for a former star every time instead of finding and banking on a future one.
Hulk should have got the drive not Kimi. You can bank on Alonso politics being behind Hulk not getting it.
I bet their board room furniture is all wood and at least 40 years old.
Daniel Ricciardo is my 2014 Driver of the Year. If he was in a Mercedes, he would have given Rosberg and maybe Hamilton a hard time.
Like Darren said, it is too close to call between Daniel and Valtteri. All of the other choices are no brainers, and why was Susie even included? Verstappen is like Susie; he shouldn't be up there. Jules Bianchi and Kamui Kobayashi should've taken those two slots, they deserve shoutouts.

Kvyat struck me as great across one flying lap, but needs some serious improvement on his racecraft. JEV more often than not trounced him in the races, and that's where it really counts.

Also, I agree with Darren on another point he had - Hulkenberg just seemed average all throughout the year. If I say anything else about him, I'd basically just be repeating all of what Darren said.

I think the only other one worthy of a shout on this list, aside from the obvious top two, is Felipe Massa. Yes, he did get beaten by Valtteri, but he's on his way to resuming his days at the top. I think the team battle between him and Valtteri will be closer next year, and Felipe might just beat him in the final standings come season's end.