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Who beat 110 AI in most of the track ??

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by LazyBug, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. LazyBug


    May be its because i just start to play Race 07 cause i found 110 AI is damn hard to beat in Q, so wondering is there anyone able to beat 110 AI in most of the track & like to know which car is the best ~
    Thanx & good day :cool:
  2. Kimmo Kokkonen

    Kimmo Kokkonen
    K2 Premium

    Only guys who use dedicated server bug thought ???

    No seriously many of F1 league guys can beat 110 AI which is quite hard...you need talent, good setup and practising...good luck!
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  3. SVP Skins

    SVP Skins

    done it many times with a number of cars.

    1. Alfa 75 beat it by 2.3 secs (First time besting AI 110) - Oulton Park GP
    2. Chevy Cruze best by .800secs - Gothenberg
    3. Porsche 996 (SCC Mod) beat it by ,300secs was 2nd still the final corner but managed to out brake 1st place car - Mantrup park

    4. Volvo C30 STCC2 beat it by 4.5sec at Brands Hatch GP
    5. Toyota Corrola beat it by .100sec - Nurburgring GP
    6. Aston Martin DBR9 beat it by 1.2secs - Bruno
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