Which sim racing should I choose

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  1. Daktyl


    I will build new PC soon and I think about premium membership here. For some time I think what sim racing should I choose. I can't decide between R3E, rF2 and AC. rFactor2 will be probably the cheapest option - what is quite important for me - payment model in R3E is pure pain for me, Asseto Corsa has great graphic and Raceroom has the best force feedback from this 3.

    What game give me the best experience and most fun in your opinion? What game has best racing events here?
    Cheers ;)
  2. woz smith

    woz smith

    Alright mate
    I play ac quite a lot as its simple ffb options and feel good also. your right about race room ffb that thing just feels amazing, some times steam sales are good got ac with all dlc for around £30.
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