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Which racing sim has the best and easiest to access multiplayer?

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Revhead_1000, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Revhead_1000


    Hi all. Sorry if this has already been addressed but Im new here. So basically I am wondering which online Sim has the best and most alive multiplayer user base. Ive tried iRacing, and was very impressed with its scheduled events. But I am aware that there are other sims out there that do not require a subscription. Of these I know of RaceroomExperience which looks good, but does it have scheduled events like iRacing, and does it have a safety rating system too? Also how much activity does it have particularly in Australia. Secondly I found Simraceway for which I would like to know the same about, though I am perplexed as no forums on here or other racing sites seem to exist regarding it. So does anyone play it?

  2. Fabian Biehne

    Fabian Biehne

    For organized online MP with regular (often fair) races there’s just Iracing imo.
    If you want good and clean racing in rfactor 2, AC, GSCE or any other racing game you’ll probably have to join a league or organize with some friends. You can be lucky and have nice racing on open MP server but sometimes there are just too many inexperienced racer around, which can destroy a race.
  3. Ross Jones

    Ross Jones

    Hi guys, this is a problem we're hoping to fix with Street Kart. The game will be free to play (on iOS - sorry for those who'd like to see it on PC or Console, it's possible to port it later with some work) and everything is real time, with real time championships, weather (if it's raining in Rio, it's raining in the Rio track in the game) and nearly all PvP action as with millions of people potentially able to play and no cost. Of course there are IAPs but it doesn't provide an on track advantage generally speaking.

    With one touch you can add your friends to race you and send push notifications that you're ready to race. If they're not around, you can just go to match up and wait for other racers to join you in a race meet.

    SK is not out just yet as we're currently beta testing and working on the polish, but we'll be soft launching shortly afterwards in Australia/NZ.

    There's a thread here about the game, and we've built a community of 20,000 fans so far on Facebook. So there should be plenty of people to race against!
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