Which racing seats are you fine folks using ?


Hi members,

Anyone care to recommend the (GT) seat being used in your rig? Warnings, recommendations, experiences?

Thanks kindly!
Cobra Daytona still going strong after many years of heavy use. May be cheaper that do the job but this is even more comfortable as for when it was new. Then it was a bit tight for the shoulders :)

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I have had the first generation of playseat. It was a nice start but lacked rigidity on the steering wheel plate. New ones seem much better.

I also had a gamepod, it was not as stable as I expected but it was already an improvement compared to playseat.

After that, I have had 2 Rseat rigs:
- Rseat "I don't remenber the name"
- RS1

The RS1 is significantly better than previous versions. It is very stable.
The only issue I have had is the pedal plate support when used with Heusinkveld pedals (or other very high end pedals). The plate is OK for more standard pedals (Logitech, Fanatec, TM).

Ideally, I would like to move to a JCL simracing cockpit.
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Cool! Thanks for the input. I'm using 80/20 so I guess similar to some of the jcl stuff?
I've previously admired the type of rigs/cockpits you used before. They're nice for sur


Since the seat doesn't move in a non-motion rig, there's no need for the racing seat bolsters that help with cornering forces... so, I use a Toyota sedan seat with manual sliders.
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