Which one is the best in GT Sports?


Hi ~ All RD members:redface:

For me, as a novice...I had started GTR-Evo about 1 years ago.

And for a time being with my Club league I have experienced...
Mini cooper,Lacetti(WTCC),Audi(STCC),BMW E90(WTCC),SR4,Fromula master..and now

Now, my club going to do GT Sports league for next league.
there are two types of car in GT Sports (FR/MR)
M3,Marcos,Corvette (FR) and Mosler,Seat,Spyker,Sunred (MR)

How do you think..maybe a pointless question though...
Which one is the Best car in GT-Sports?

Thanks ahead:D

Bram Hengeveld

All cars are more or less balanced. Depends a bit on your personal preferences i think. How do you define your driving style?
Generally perceived that the Corvette has the best engine, the M3 the most consistent and Marcos the best handling.

But as Bram says - they are all fairly well balanced.


Thanks for your answer....:redface:

Actually, there was not that much difference after i tested all of car at Valencia 08
For me, BMW M3 and Spyker are better than others and faster 1~2 secs...
The worst was Mosler and Sunred was too hard torque for me(but better than Mosler).
Plz don't ask my Lap time....OTL

Are they same type of car M3 and Spyker...I wonder coz there's difference of FR/MR
I don't sure which one is good for me.


I think the Engine's mount position and which wheel drive,

FR- front engine mount and rear wheel drive
MR-Mid engine mount and rear wheel drive
RR-rear engine mount and rear wheel drive (like 997RSR)
FF-front engine mount and front wheel drive (mini cooper)

Eric Nelson

Having run quite a few GT Sports events in the American Racing Club this is the experience for me.

If it's a fast track with mostly single corner coplex then the Vette is pretty hard to beat. C6 at Watkins Glen GP is dominant.

If yo uare running a technical track with many corners and multiple corner complexs then the Mosler or Spyker are better. These were dominant at Mid Ohio chicane for us.

1977 Mosport was one where it was difficult to decide which was best as it had a blend of both styles.

Riverside I ran the M3 and had to trim the wing down to 3 in order to compete with the VEtte. It was clearly faster and easier to drive in the esses but lost a bit to the VEtte on the long back straight.

If yo uhave to pick just one car, I'd have to drive each track a bit to choose the best all around performer.


Thanks for your advice.

In my case, I had just several laps with each car at Monza, Valencia, Brno and Monza junior.

The fastest one is....M3, Spyker, SunRed, Marcos, Corvette, Seat, Mosler ...this order.
However it differs according to track, The order starts from M3 or Spyker and the worst is Mosler.

I don't sure why... I know mosler is good at corner...but this is not my case.
even when it hit on bump it easily lost traction same with braking for me.
It goes same with Sunred...I guess the position of engine effects on it.

and Marcos...it's really something with elegance of handling.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
I think its all a matter of taste. I'm way faster in the marcos than anything else it that class as a rule. I love it. you can drive pretty much anyway you want in it and it soaks it up, whether is hell for leather backside out seat of the pants stuff, or smooth clean technical lines.

I think it looks pretty nice too, like a good sportscar should.


Actually, my car is Dicovery 2...i drive it every day to my office.
and i love the shape of Jaguar. :redface:

In spite of my preference, BMW and Porsche are invincible:frown:

However, nobody has comment on Seat Toleldo GT ?
Is it the Worst of all or the shape makes it out of interest ?
Seat is the worst for me but then again i love Sunred.. Nifty car, seems lighter than air and very challenging. I prefer to drive with a car that is fun to drive and i hate weight.. But i'm really not the best driver to compare these, Sunred seems to lack speed. But it's fun and if you have a season/league i think that is very important that you drive a car that you like not necessarily the one which is the fastest.. Specially if it is a long series.
in my book the best alrounder is the BMW M3 GTR it lacks a bit of power compared to the Corvette but not that much but it has a way better handling
Yes, that's true. BMW is a little boring but safest choice to make. It's not that difficult to drive but if you master it, it produces good results.


Thank you guys~

Almost, i made up my mind to drive M3 after test drive all cars at Zandvoort yesterday.
I don't know why i am faster with M3 compare to other cars...but faster about 1~3secs.

Actually, it's not that much smooth handling compare to Marcos or Seat for me.
anyway it's faster than others in my case...in spite of soft-understeering.

My club's League goes about 12~15 races on every sunday.(almost 4 months)
Now i arrange my custom skin...and concentrate on Braking technique with M3, also cornering.

If my country's Vehicle maker has a GT sports entry at GTR-evolution then i will take that one.
but...not yet, so sorry for that. So i will take the world Car BMW instead.

Thanks Guys~


Eric Nelson

Hell BMW has been conquering racing all over the Globe forevah!

Just roll thru the corners with that car and that understeer won't kill ya...........And you can drop off quite a bit of wing to help you hang with the vette's on faster style courses.

Jarrod Keen

I've found the BMW a great balance between power and speed. Some tracks it's clearly the best. I'll agree with Eric's analysis that the stable of cars that we have all will shine in different areas and at different tracks. On one car is the best everywhere so IF you have to pick one, the BMW would be a solid choice.

For us of the american club racing contingent... we race these beauts every other week and I confess that I try to find a reason to drive the mosler but often end up with the vette just because I'm more competitive in it. I've spent a good bit of time in the mosler though and it does corner quite well so in certain tracks you can force people into mistakes as they try to corner with you. It takes patience to drive that car though.

I also like the BMW and may end up taking it for this coming race since we've been discussing it here!!!
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